Today's Highlights

Saturday, July 14

World Choir Games 2018

09:30 The final Award Ceremony at the Moreleta Church for Young Children’s Choirs, University and College Choirs, Mixed Chamber Choirs, Female Chamber Choirs, Male Chamber Choirs, Pop Choirs and Folklore with accompaniment will award one last time medals and certificates to the expectant choirs.

15:00 The traditional Parade of Nations will transform the way from Tshwane House and Union Buildings into a colourful international stage. The singers, which attended the World Choir Games 2018, will gather on this final day of the event to unite for their mutual passion and to share their traditional costumes, flags, typical dances and beautiful songs with the world and the host city.

19:30 The Closing Ceremony of the 10th World Choir Games 2018 at the Sun Arena marks the final curtain of the anniversary edition and thus deserves a special farewell: The Festival Stage Choir and the Choral Fireworks and a review of the past days are only some of the highlights which will bring memorable lifetime memories to the participants. 

Find impressions from the World Choir Games 2018 on Facebook and instagram.

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