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International Choral Scene

“Thank you” To “Angels in Life”

Song dedicated to all who are battling the pandemic in the world

China, like many countries around the world, have been battling the COVID-19 and as of today, facing the aftermath of the pandemic. As the pandemic rapidly spreading around the world, we are all facing a disruption in our lives, financially and emotionally.

Making music and enjoying music is very important to get through life, whether in good times or bad times. Thousands of songs have been made during the time and one Chinese original piece stood out. “Angel” is dedicated to all who are battling the pandemic in the world, especially medical staffs and supporters at the front line. INTERKULTUR came in contact with the lyricist of the song Zheng Xing and was touched by the pure and loving message the song sends out.

The lyrics of "Angel" are kept simple and yet have a deep meaning. "Your love accompanies me all the way where no words are necessary... Angel of life, you bring hope to the world." Singers and the audience can interpret the word "angel" metaphorically or as someone very close to them in life. The intention was that everyone should be able to see the text in the way they need to. Everybody can be an angel for someone else or you yourself have been an angel for someone else without having noticed it yourself.

The most important angels in these times are currently found in the hospitals of the world: doctors, nurses and other staff members raising their voices - some of them join together and even sing their messages out into the world. They are supported by thousands of people all over the world who clap their hands making music and encouraging them from their balconies and out of their windows every day. Here we can see: Angels are all around us right now, we just have to open our eyes.

INTERKULTUR’s Artistic Director, Johan Rooze, who also made the choral arrangement of the song hopes the song will bring comfort to everyone experiencing the difficult situation, “I just hope people sing it and feel this song and this arrangement in a way that brings them closer to each other and find some support from each other, for them to know that they are not alone. There is always an angel to sing with you and watch over you.”

Shenzhen Star Bright Choir was the first choir to sing the song, their Artistic Director, also World Choir Council member, Chen Guanghui explains the initiation and difficulties the choir faced during the recording, “Our choir was very excited to have the opportunity to sing this meaningful song. We all hope to do our part in bringing people power and love… but as we all had to stay home and do the recording individually using our phones, it was not easy to keep the same tempo. Our members recorded many times hoping to have produced a wonderful piece.”

The INTERKULTUR team supports this special project and has contributed to it in the firm belief that we can overcome these difficult times if we stand together and do everything in our power to make this world a better place - through singing together and choral music:  It has been the mission of INTERKULTUR for over 30 years to bring people of all nations together in peace. With this new action we not only want to show how important it is to stay together, but also to appreciate what we have and not to lose hope. The most important thing is that we do not forget what we have experienced during the difficult times and that we keep love and peace in our hearts all the time. Our new video calls on everyone to look forward with warm-heartedness and optimism and to protect our earth, nature and our global community and be there for each other.

Choir interested in the scores of this piece to spread the message in their respective countries can contact us via e-mail, we will be happy to make it available to everyone. Feel free to contact press(at)