Light show above the Main

25 years of German Unity

A spectacular program for the festive event in Frankfurt on the Main

International Choral Scene

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the German Unity on October 3, 2015 Millions of people gathered in the Hessian metropolis Frankfurt on the Main to celebrate the day in a fitty way.

The festivity started with an official event in the Alte Oper Frankfurt, to which numerous heads of states and ministers were invited. The Hessian prime minister and President of the German Bundesrat Volker Bouffier especially welcomed the unification minister of South Korea S.E. Hong Yong-pyo, which payed a special attention to the German public holiday in regard to the situation in Korea.

For Joachim Gauck, the Federal President of Germany, Freedom is  a central value in a society. He expressed his gratitude to all, which have been looking forward confidently to the changes after the German reunification. Also with regard to the presence, in which Germany is trying to ensure security and a hopeful future for Thousands of refugees, he encouraged: "Such as 1990 we expect a challenge, which will occupy generations. […] . It is important to achieve the internal unity".

The festive event was accompanied by the Frankfurter Singakademie and the Music Corps of the German Federal Armed Forces. The composition "Freiheitssymphonie" by Guido Rennert accompanied a projected cinematic review of 25 years of German Unity.  We were happy to see our Project Manager of INTERKULTUR, Jelena Dannhauer, among the rank of singers. She is devoted to the topic choral music not only as professional, furthermore she commits herself for the choir, which plays an important role for the cultural life in Frankfurt, also in private.

In the evening the event continued with a spectacular light show and numerous of live performances at the Main riverside. Also the Frankfurter Singakademie was part of the complex production of the fall of the Wall and the reunification, both scenically and musically. After a performance of the German pop singer Namika with the latest hit "Lieblingsmensch" the finale was rung: following the "Ode to Joy", sung by the Frankfurter Singakademie, the spectacular firework above the Main started. All, which were able to experience the highlight of the celebration day, will never forget the sight of the light art related to the memorable day.

The Whole festive event and the light show were broadcasted live on the German television.  You can watch both shows once again on the website of the Frankfurter Singakademie.

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