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Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

83 years old and still on tour

Famous Israeli composer joins Canta al mar 2017

Effi Netzer is a colorful figure of the Israeli choral community, a well-known composer and many of roughly 1000 songs he wrote are sung by famous Israeli singers. Also many of his songs became part of Israel’s musical memory and are sung by any child.

He is also known as the "King of public singing" in Israel, because he established the first singing group in Israel in 1959. He was the first to have the idea to create slides with lyrics which are projected on a big screen in order to encourage more people to join in singing. This idea of making singing together easy, joyful and entertaining turned out to be extremely popular with Israelis and gave choral singing in Israel a boost.

When he was honored for his lifetime achievement by the Israeli association for composers, authors and editors ACUM, the judges stated that it would be hard to think of Israeli music without thinking of Effi Netzer at the same time.

It’s great news that in 2017 Effi Netzer – despite his high age of 83 years – will shoulder the 3000 km long journey to the INTERKULTUR festival Canta al Mar in Calella/ Spain as a conductor of the Effi Netzer Group. This group and its outstanding conductor will add to the magic of this choral event by performing in Friendship Concerts as part of the festival.

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