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Results of the 2022 Virtual Choir Competition China announced

Three Chinese choirs won Outstanding Award

World Choir Games 2023

“On the way to the World Choir Games – 2022 Virtual Choir Competition China" is a special World Choir Games event in China. After careful evaluation by six international adjudicators, the results have been recently announced.

In this competition, a total of 38 choirs from China regions have signed up to participate in 8 out of 10 choral competition categories. The awards are divided into 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize. The highest award in each category became be the winner of the category and won the title "Category Winner".

Among them, the Children’s Choirs category with the fiercest competition was won by the Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Choir. The winner of the Youth Choirs category was Guangzhou Children's Choir. The University Choirs category was won by the Guangzhou College of Technology and Business Choir. Xiamen GeeDao Choir won the Mixed Choirs and Jazz, Pop and Show Choirs categories. The winner of the Female Choirs category became Guangzhou Choir, while Zhaoqing Duanzhou Haiyun Children's Choir won the Category Winner title of the Folklore category. The Category Winner for Senior Choirs is vacant.

Based on highest points in the whole competition and winning the largest Categories VP1 and VP10,three choirs with the best performance were selected and awarded the Outstanding Award of this competition. They are: Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Choir, first prize of Outstanding Award (endowed with 2,000 Euros); Guangzhou Yun’er Choir, second Prize of Outstanding Award (1,500 Euros) and Zhaoqing Duanzhou Haiyun Children's Choir, third prize of Outstanding Award (1000 Euros).

The international adjudicators are Wang Hailing (China), Soundarie David Rodrigo(Sri Lanka), Zhu Jinming (China), Johan Rooze (Netherlands), Ralf Eisenbeiß, (Germany), Maria Emma Meligopoulou (Greece). The competition is under "Musica Mundi" Evaluation System created by INTERKULTUR, founding organization of the World Choir Games, to evaluate the different choir performances (out of 30 points) and issue a review report for the choir.

The complete list of all results in the categories is available for downlaod here: 

2022 Virtual Choir Competition China Results

Johan Rooze, Artistic Director of this event and INTERKULTUR, made a pertinent comment on the participating Chinese choirs in “On the way to the World Choir Games" 2022 Virtual Choir Competition China”:

“The curtain has fallen on China. Many Chinese choirs participated in the competition, involving 8 categories, and the singing level was generally high. There are many excellent choirs who have reached the level of participating in The Champions Competition of the World Choir Games held by the INTERKULTUR. This time, the six experienced international adjudicators had the difficult task of carefully watching and listening to all the videos and choosing the best choirs as the winner. The job is done, and soon you'll hear the results and which teams won. Many thanks to the choirs and their conductors for their excellent work and teaching rehearsals. Keep up the good work, the world needs people like you to make it a better place. Singers don't need lyrics, they know what ‘Together’ means. ‘Let the people of the world sing together’, we will see you soon somewhere in the world where we can enjoy each other singing and meet again ‘live’”!

After the end of the competition, we will release the videos of the winning choirs of the competition one after another on the official account and video account of "World Choir Games" to share with you the wonderful choir songs and the beauty of hearts transmitted by songs.

This choral video competition provides a good opportunity for choirs in the period of the pandemic to meet friends with songs, exchange and learn, and convey the power of peace and friendship through singing. We hope to unite with friends in the choral world, hand in hand to get out of the difficulties, and sing together for the bright future full of hope.

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