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World Choir Games 2018

World Choir Games 2018 in progress

Collaboration between South Africa and Germany is running well

In 2018 the 10th World Choir Games explore a new continent: For the first time the world’s largest international choir competition will come to Africa, hosted by the city of Tshwane (South Africa). Thousands of singers from all over the world will come and witness first-hand the amazing culture and singing tradition in a country that gave the world singing, rhythm and dancing. A wonderful celebration of choral music the choral world can hardly wait for!

At the moment the preparation for the event is in full swing. The teams from South Africa and Germany (INTERKULTUR) are meeting regularly for constructive business talks. Both sites confirm their successful collaboration and a great progress on a national and international level.

More and more choirs use the opportunity of pre-registration and thus express their wish to be part of the World Choir Games 2018. Due to some fantastic marketing events in South Africa, also important representatives of media and industry companies show their interest in the event and are in regular exchange with the South African team.

Here are the leaders of Team South Africa and INTERKULTUR representatives at their recent meeting greeting the international choral scene and inviting all the world’s singers to join the World Choir Games 2018 in South Africa:

f.l.t.r. Christoph Höppel, Desirée Oliphant, Thomas Schüle, Trish Downing, Albert Kayongo, Christian Grosch and Alta Mare

For more information about the 10th World Choir Games 2018 please visit www.wcg2018.com.  



AWARDS CEREMONY is over! Congratulations to all our participants to your outstanding success. Check out the overview of winners and a list of all results here: https://goo.gl/daPQGg #SinginRiga #Awarding #Winners #GrandPrixofNations #EuropeanChoirGames #SinginRiga
This is the vocal ensemble "Fortissimo", a choir from Bulgaria that qualified straight from the Open Competitions to the Grand Prix, and received standing ovations from the crowd after performing in the GP3 category Chamber Choirs / Vocal Ensembles. The members of the choir tell they come from Burgas, a Bulgarian city near the Black Sea, and the members have performed together in the current state only for half a year, although the choir was formed two years ago. They perform traditional Bulgarian music, modern songs, e.g. songs by ABBA, and religious music. The singers tell they are incredibly happy with being in the competitions, as they've already heard many excellent performances. #EuropeanChoirGames #MeetheChoirs #GrandPrixofNations #SinginRiga #SinginRiga2017 #sing2gether