European Choir Games 2017

Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017: Competition Program

Check out the pieces choirs are going to perform on Saturday

The premiere of Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 on July 22 is just around the corner. Meanwhile the competition program of the […]

European Choir Games 2017

Colorful costumes in the streets of Riga

Get a glimpse of the traditional outfits worn by choirs of the Folklore category

The participants in the Folklore categories enthrall the audience not only with their singing skills but also with their colorful and […]

European Choir Games 2017

Sing in Riga 2017: The winners

The results of the first part of the Grand Prix of Nations & European Choir Games

The first Awards Ceremony at the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 & 3rd European Choir Games is over, and we have found the first Category […]

European Choir Games 2017

Northern Lights – Contemporary Music from the North

Concert and tribute to Christian Ljunggren

“He was a driving force and we are grateful for all his commitment he dedicated to INTERKULTUR and the choral community”, INTERKULTUR […]

European Choir Games 2017

A day at the European Choir Games

Meet Barnsley Youth Choir in Riga

Participating in the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 & European Choir Games is more than about competition and singing. In between […]

World Choir Games 2018

Where Africa meets the West

Workshop about South African Music in Riga

This workshop by Michael Barrett and his choir "University of Pretoria Camerata" did not only present South African music culture to roughly […]

European Choir Games 2017

Mingle a sumo wrestler feeling with a kissing gesture

Workshop with the “Nordic Voices” in Riga

A mixture of opera voice, normal singing voice and Gollum voice – this exceptional mixture united in the piece “Aria” by John Cage […]

European Choir Games 2017

Qualifications - July 18

These choirs made it to a higher level

More and more competitions at the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 & 3rd European Choir Games are already over, thus we're constantly […]

10.0000 Kilometers in order to sing in a country unknown until now

South African choir travels to the European Choir Games in put their choral skill to the test

From the North Cape in Africa to the Northern borders of Europe: The Kimberley Girls’ Choir incurred a long journey crossing nearly half of […]

European Choir Games 2017

Qualified for the next competition – July 17

These choirs made it to a higher level

The first competition at the Grand Prix of Nations Riga 2017 & 3rd European Choir Games is already over, we’re thus starting to publish the […]