Chengdu Philharmonic Children’s Choir, China © Ham Young In

INTERKULTUR World Rankings 2023: The new update is live!

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World Rankings

After the World Choir Games 2023 the INTERKULTUR World Rankings deserve an update. The new rankings are now out, and include, apart from the World Choir Games 2023, also the results from the International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition, which took place in July as well.

In the new rankings, a noteworthy achievement was made by Young People’s Chorus of New York City – Cantare (conducted by Elizabeth Nuñez and Francisco N. Nuñez) from the United Stated and from China’s Chengdu Philharmonic Children’s Choir, which have both made their debut and secured an impressive 20th place in the TOP 1000 after winning two competition categories each at the World Choir Games 2023 in Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

Another fantastic achievement was made by Diocesan School Old Boys' Association Choir from China/Hong Kong SAR, which became Champion of the World Choir Games 2023 in the Male Choirs category. As a result, the choir soared from position 302 to 72 in the World Rankings and is now one of the TOP 100 choirs in the world of INTERKULTUR Events.

Also, the Vocal Chamber Ensemble Vox pUNT from Estonia truly stands out in this updated World Rankings with remarkable achievements: At the International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition in Wernigerode, they accomplished an extraordinary feat, securing a total of four awards, among them the Johannes Brahms Choir Prize 2023. Their exceptional performance has earned them a well-deserved place in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings, where they have claimed a fantastic rank #42 on very first attempt.

The INTERKULTUR World Rankings represent a compilation of choirs achieving exceptional results in our competitions, divided into a list of the top 1000 choirs and several lists ranking the 50 best choirs in various categories. A choir's placement is determined by their achievements in the corresponding INTERKULTUR event. Participation in Champions Competitions, Category Wins, or triumphs at the World Choir Games or Grand Prix of Nations contributes to a higher score in the World Rankings.

The updated INTERKULTUR World Rankings, including the latest competition results, are now available on our website: