Inheritance and Future - The World of Voices 2024

Chinese New Year Concert


“The World of Voices” series of festival online concerts organized by INTERKULTUR China have been well received by fans and friends of the World Choir Games and Chinese choir enthusiasts since their launch in 2020, with a cumulative playback volume of millions.

At this beautiful moment of the coming of 2024, “The World of Voices” 2024 Chinese New Year Concert, launched on February 10, 2024, features classic covers and original works from ten high-level Chinese choirs under the theme of "Inheritance and Future". This concert has accumulated over a million views and received unanimous praise in the Chinese choir scene.

On the occasion of Chinese Lantern Festival, Mr. Meng Dapeng, Honorary Advisor of the World Choir Council, Professor Wu Lingfen, member of the Advisory Committee, and Mr. Chen Guanghui, Professor Tian Xiaobao, and Professor Yang Li, representatives of the Chinese chorus community, send sincere wishes to the upcoming 13th World Choir Games in Auckland, New Zealand, and wish choir lovers and fans of the World Choir Games a Happy New Year of the Dragon!

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1. Beijing Philharmonic Choir

"DiLi DiLi"

Lyrics by: Wang An 

Composed by: Pan Zhensheng, arr. Yang Hongnian

Conductor: Yang Li 

Piano: Wang Tianyang

2. WenQin Chorus of Zhejiang University

"Slow Tune"

Lyrics by: Cui Kaichao 

Composed by: Liu Yang, arr. Yang Linxi

Conductor: Zhou Zhenyu 

Piano: Wu Daidangfeng

3. Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir

"La Sardana de les Monges"

Composed by: E.MORERA

Conductor: Xie Mingjing

4. Beijing Harmonia Choir

"The Trail to Cold Mountain"

Lyrics from Poems by Hanshan and the Diamond Sutra

Composed by: Zhu Jie

Conductor: Wu Lingfen

5. Student Choir of Nankai University

"Insalata ltaliana"

Lyrics and music by: R. Herzl

Conductor: Meng Chaomei

Lead Singers: Wang Fan, Fang Ziyan, Xu Ziqi, Hu Jiawei

6. Deep Space Children's Choir

"Second Farewell to Cambridge"

Lyrics by: Xu Zhimo 

Composed by: Luo Maishuo

Conductor: Meng Dapeng 

Piano: Zhang Haoxuan

Tone Chime: Li Siyuan, Zhu Jing, Tan Junyi, Li Yuancheng

7. Shenzhen Futian Star Bright Choir

"Bésame Mucho"

Lyrics and music by: Consuelo Velazques, arr. Mikhail Serkov

Conductor: Chen Guanghui  

Piano: Li Yihao

8. Wuxi Shanhe Chorus

"The Temple of Meng Jiangnv"

Lyrics: Nalan Xingde (Qing Dynasty)

Composed by: Zhang Shichao

Conductor: Gu Yuhu

Piano: Li Suyu  

Narrator: Zhu Yunyu

9. Chengdu Philharmonic Children's Choir

"Song of YangQue, Song of Frog"

Composed by: Wen Yuchuan

Conductor: Zhu Xi  

Piano: Lu Jingna

Percussion: Chen Xuanzi, Qu Zitiank Gu Yuxun

Performance arranged by: Zeng Si

Lead Singers: Zhou Yuhan, Li Qianmo, Liao Wangxi

10. Tiankong Choir

"I Love This Land"

Lyrics by: Ai Qing

Composed by: Lu Zaiyi, arr. Wang Tianyang

Conductor: Tian Xiaobao  

Piano: Deng Chang

11. World Choir Singers

"Molihua/Jasmine Flower"

Trad. Jiangsu Province, arr. by: Yang Hongnian, G. Bejstam

Conductor:Johan Rooze