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One World, One People – Concert for Peace 2024

INTERKULTUR rings in the new year with a harmonious New Year’s Concert for Peace


As we are warmly welcoming the new year, INTERKULTUR is thrilled to present a special New Year's Peace Concert, a musical celebration that transcends borders and unites the world through the universal language of music. This enchanting concert, titled "One World, One People," takes us on a journey of reflection, joy, and anticipation for the musical experiences that lie ahead.

The concert features captivating highlights from the World Choir Games 2023 in Korea and the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023 in Norrköping and presents us with some beautiful choral music to enjoy for a cozy start into 2024: From the soul-stirring performance of a Chinese choir with "Voice of Peace" to the dynamic presentation by Amaranthe from Belgium, conducted by Johannes Dewilde, each segment contributes to the rich tapestry of global choral artistry.

Notable moments include a special appearance by Youth Choir Aarhus U from Denmark, offering a glimpse into the upcoming European Choir Games 2025 in Aarhus and a captivating performance of traditional Maori Kapa Haka as an invitation to join the World Choir Games 2024 in New Zealand.

In the course of the concert program, INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch, First Vice President Want Qin, and Senior Artistic Director Johan Rooze, express gratitude for the resumption of international choral gatherings and a hopeful look towards the future.

The concert closes with the uplifitng song "One World, One People," composed by Randall Johnson and newly arranged by Johan Rooze. Performed by the Daegu Jazz Singers from South Korea, supported by choral voices from all over the world, the song encapsulates a message of peace and unity among nations.

As we immerse ourselves in this musical journey, let us collectively fill 2024 with the resonance of harmonious melodies and set the tone for a future filled with optimism and unity. Join us to watch the concert and usher in the New Year with the power of music:

Watch the concert here:

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