Tian Yubin

INTERKULTUR mourns for Tian Yubin

Chairman of Chinese Choir’s Association passed away in Bejing


The international choral world has lost an important personality: Tian Yubin, President of the Chinese Choir Association and a close friend of INTERKULTUR passed away today, July 31, at the age of 71 after a serious illness.

Tian Yubin supported the international work of INTERKULTUR in recent years up despite his illness and still sent INTERKULTUR his best wishes for the preparation of the 9th World Choir Games 2016 only a few weeks ago.

In a personal letter INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch expressed his condolences to his family also on behalf of the World Choir Council and the World Choir Games Organizing Committee and appreciated once again his great work and merits for INTERKULTUR:

“We’re mourning for a great model that set a pattern for the international choral world. Since 2006 Tian Yubin was our good and reliable friend and stood by our side with his advice and support. He acted as president of the Chinese Choral Association for more than 10 years and thus made an important contribution to the development of choral singing in China.”

Tian Yubin’s death is a big loss for the worldwide choral singing. INTERKULTUR is mourning for a close friend and great supporter.

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