Sing Along Concert Paris 2018 - Rehearsal © Gil Lefauconnier

“It’s the joy of reconnecting”

Participants in the Sing Along Concerts in Milan about their expectations

Sing Along Concert "On Tour"

For me, the Sing Along Community, is like a big family that is looking forward to a wonderful family celebration and I am privileged to be part of it!” – That’s how one singer described the feeling of being part of the Sing Along events.

In the following, three loyal Sing Alongers, write about their inner motivation to join our next Sing Along Concert in Milan: what drives them to plan on coming to Milan, despite of the pandemic? What inspires them so much during these events? What do they associate with the Sing Along Concerts? Is it really “just” about the singing?


“It is all about a passion that has no border, no age or language boundaries. It is incredibly unique to be able to sing with so many other people who have this same passion and can deeply enjoy studying, preparing and performing in a concert. We all come so close to one other for four days and then each of us goes back to ‘normal life’, sometimes just saying: ‘See you somewhere over the rainbow again!’ This is fantastic! Milan is a splendid cosmopolitan city that offers a lot to learn and see. The pandemic is dangerous indeed. We all hope that by August many people will be vaccinated and that the virus will be on its way out. On top of that, I strongly believe that the rules that have been addressed in Lombardy are very serious and I am sure that all the choristers would be happy to respect them.

So let’s challenge ourselves with our passion for singing together!” (Florence L.)


“I am longing for one Sing Along Concert, since singing is a very important part of my life. I look forward to every concert and I am very sad when one or more - as it has been for a year - have to be cancelled. Nevertheless, for Milan, I have prepared the piece well - Always in the hope that another miracle will happen and we will be able to sing again! I remember the Sing Along concerts in the most beautiful concert halls in the world such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Budapest, Riga, and Berlin, to name just a few and now I'm really looking forward to the Sing Along in Milan.

It is not only about the wonderful singing in a large group and in beautiful surroundings, it is above all about the reunion and the joy of reconnecting with many already known people! During the rehearsal breaks, you have the opportunity to explore the city and the surrounding area, but the highlight is of course the concert. I get goose bumps thinking about how excited I am before the performance. Even the rehearsals are full of joy and excitement, which is not least due to our wonderful Simon Halsey.

For me, the Sing Along Community, is like a big family that is looking forward to a wonderful family celebration and I am privileged to be part of it!” (Alice H.)


“I am vaccinated and Iooking forward to joining the Sing Along Concert in Milan. I was always looking for challenging choral music in a large choir, thus when I discovered the Sing Along Concerts, I was so happy and full of love! I have been part of these events for a while and the sound of music continues to penetrate both my soul and my body. That’s wonderful!” (Gisela U.)


Let us end these beautiful statements, by closing our eyes, traveling a bit forward in time and imagining, that we are free again, that we can sing together again and that we can celebrate together in peace and joy, without fear and big restrictions – as one big singing family!

Learn more about the Sing Along Concert in Milan here.

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