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ECG & GPoN - Qualified Choirs (Nov 4)

More choirs qualify for a higher competition level today

European Choir Games 2023

Today, more choirs take center stage as they showcase their talents in competitions across various venues in Norrköping. They're set to compete fiercely in both the European Champions Competition and Grand Prix of Nations. Among them, a select few have earned the honor to return for another performance in front of the jury, because their first presentation left a lasting impression on everyone. Here's the exciting lineup of choirs that have secured their spots in the following categories: 

C1 - Children's Choirs

No choir has qualified. 

C3 - Chamber Choirs / Vocal Ensembles

No choir has qualified.

C5 - Musica Sacra a cappella

Youth Choir Aarhus U, Denmark
has qualified to the Grand Prix of Nations GP5 - Musica Sacra a cappella

C10 - Folklore with accompaniment

Young Voices of Engelbrekt, Sweden
has qualified to the Grand Prix of Nations GP10 - Folklore with accompaniment

Competitions at the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations Norrköping 2023 are still running and more choirs might qualify. Stay updated on all the latest developments! We wish all choirs the best of luck for their upcoming performances.

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