Barnsley Youth Choir (GB) on stage at the Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony II – More winners announced!

At the Awards Ceremony this morning it turned out: Barnsley Youth Choir from Great Britain achieved an outstanding success at the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2015.

European Choir Games 2015

The European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2015 are starting to come to a close. The second Awards Ceremony happened this morning and more winners from the competitions were awarded. Curious about the results? Here we go:

These are the next Category Winners, Champions of the European Choir Games and Winners of the Grand Prix of Nations:


Category O7 – Musica Contemporanea
Danish National Church Choir (Dänemark)


Category C8 – Jazz and Pop
Barnsley Youth Choir (Great Britain)

Category C9 – Gospel and Spiritual
Barnsley Youth Choir (Great Britain)


Category GP5 – Jazz-Pop-Gospel-Spiritual
Barnsley Youth Choir (Great Britain)

A list of results in detail can be found here.

Today is the last day of competitions and tomorrow morning the missing categories will be awarded at the third and last Prize Giving Ceremony of this year’s European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations. Stay tuned!

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