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World Choir Games 2020

Antwerp and Ghent set the stages

Top-class venues for the World Choir Games confirmed

While the Artistic Committee for the World Choir Games is meeting in Belgium for the first time in these days to share first ideas for the event, the venues for choirs to sing and compete at have been confirmed already. Here’s a sneak peek of the most exciting ones, for all others check www.wcg2020.com:

Sportpaleis & Lotto Arena

Antwerp’s Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena are major indoor event venues located in the Merksem district to the north east of the city centre.

The Sportpaleis will stage the World Choir Games 2020 Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and is Flanders’ principal indoor sport and entertainment complex. The facility takes its name from its origins as an indoor velodrome but is today primarily a music rather than sporting destination.

The Lotto Arena is a more intimate, 8,000-capacity sister venue to the Sportpaleis. It is run by the same organization, is situated next door to the Sportpaleis, and will host our Awards Ceremonies.

deSingel (Antwerp)

deSingel is an international arts campus that stages around 300 music, theatre and dance performances a year across its eight auditoriums, two of which will be available for World Choir Games events: Because of its furnishings and acoustics, the Blue Hall is an auditorium uniquely suited for not amplified concerts. The stage of the Blue Hall can accommodate an orchestra of up to 120 musicians and a choir of 100. The acoustics of the Blue Hall are excellent. Sound reflectors are built into the ceiling above the stage. The reverberation rate is precisely calibrated (2.03 second in average). Due to the optimal balance between the high, middle and low sounds, the acoustics in the Blue Hall are far beyond the conventional experience.

The Red Hall in deSingel has an expansive stage - the essential prerequisite for the presentation of large-scale international theatre and dance productions. The auditorium seats eight hundred spectators. The acoustics of the hall are optimal for theatre productions and the performances can have a live accompaniment from the orchestra pit.

de Bijloke (Ghent)

The Bijloke is a concert, conference and debating venue converted from a 13th century hospital in the center of Ghent which attracts over 100,000 visitors a year. Its Music Centre opened in 2007 and now stages more than 120 concerts each season featuring artists from Belgium and abroad.

Koningin Elisabethzaal (Antwerp)

The Queen Elisabeth Hall is a newly renovated concert venue located within the FMCCA complex located directly next to Antwerp’s world famous Central Station. It is one of the best-appointed auditoriums in the world. Reopened in 2016 and shortlisted for the best completed cultural building award at the World Architecture Festival of 2017, the new hall was designed specifically to produce an exceptional sensory experience for performers and audiences alike.

The 2,000-capacity hall is home to the Royal Flemish Philharmonic, one of Europe’s finest orchestras, and has also hosted many of the continent’s top classical performers. It is the perfect venue in which to stage the highest-profile competitions and concerts of the World Choir Games.

For more insights in the World Choir Games 2020 preparations, check out the event’s website and follow the official Facebook page!

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