Kärntner Landesjugendchor, Austria © INTERKULTUR

Kärntner Landesjugendchor wins in Linz

13 Golden, 7 Silver and 2 Bronze Diplomas were awarded on Saturday evening


What an incredible journey it has been! The curtains have closed on the international choir competition SOUND WAVES Linz, leaving us in awe of the remarkable talent showcased. The Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening was a moment of pure excitement, as the choirs received well-deserved recognition, and one outstanding choir triumphed by claiming the coveted Grand Prize...

…Congratulations to the Kärntner Landesjugendchor from Austria!

We extend our warmest congratulations to all the winners of the SOUND WAVES Linz 2023 on their phenomenal achievements.

Let us also recognize the winners in each competition category:

Category A1 Mixed Choirs - Difficulty Level I

Raffles Singers from Singapore
conducted by Ban Sheng Toh

Category A2 Choirs of Equal Voices - Difficulty Level I

Female Chamber Choir Caloroso from Belgium
conducted by Jasmien Gys

Category B2 Choirs of Equal Voices - Difficulty Level II

Vokale Sängerkranz Watzenborn-Steinberg from Germany
conducted by Peter Schmitt

Category F - Folklore

Jitřenka from Czech Republic
conducted by: Elvira Gadžijeva

Category G1 Childrens’ Choirs

Torun Music School Children Choir “Goia di Cantare” from Poland
conducted by Renata Szerafin-Wójtowicz

Category G2 Youth Choirs

Torun Music School Youth Choir “Semper luvenes” from Poland
conducted by Renata Szerafin-Wójtowicz

Category G3 Young Adult Choirs

Kärntner Landesjugendchor from Austria
conducted by Bernhard Wolfsgruber & Florian Pirolt

Category S Sacred Choral Music a cappella

Värmlands Nations Kör from Sweden
conducted by Hanna Ohlson Nordh

The complete list of results is available for download here:

SOUND WAVES Linz 2023_Results

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