Hull International Choir Competition: The results

INTERKULTUR’s first event in Great Britain closes with great success

Hull International Choir Competition

The Awards Ceremony of the Hull International Choir Competition was the emotional close of a successful and energetic first INTERKULTUR event on British soil. Choirs were rewarded with great cheering by the other choirs when they received their diplomas and learned about their achievements in the competition. All in all, the international jury awarded 32 to participating choirs, with 17 Golden and 15 Silver Diplomas being handed over.

The highest scoring choir in the competition was Vox Aurea from Finland, who achieved a total score of 26,36 in the Pop, Jazz, Gospel category. Congratulations!

We would also like to extend our congratulations to all the category winners, who showcased their exceptional talent throughout the competition.

Category A1 – Mixed Choirs – Difficulty Level I
Cordydd (Great Britain/Wales)
conducted by Huw Foulkes

Category B1 – Mixed Choirs – Difficulty Level II
Palanga Chamber Choir (Lithuania)
conducted by Edmundas Jucevicius

Category B2 – Choirs of Equal Voices – Difficulty Level II
Humber Harmony (Great Britain)
conducted by Jack Bridges

Category G1 – Children's Choirs
Tygerberg Children's Choir (South Africa)
conducted by Karina Erasmus

Category G2 – Youth Choirs of Equal Voices
Farnham Youth Choir (Great Britain)
conducted by Patrick Barrett

Category G3 – Youth Choirs of Mixed Voices
Cornwall Youth Choir (Great Britain)
conducted by Angela Renshaw

Category S – Sacred Choral Music a cappella
Southern Spirit Singers (Great Britain)
conducted by Andy King

Category P – Pop, Jazz, Gospel
Vox Aurea (Finland)
conducted by Sanna Salminen

A Special Prize was awarded to the choir Humber Harmony from Great Britain for the most captivating performance: “The Luckiest Sailor” by Linda Kelly, arr. by the conductor Jack Bridges.

The complete list of results including all choirs and categories is available for download here: 

Hull International Choir Competition_Results

Following the Awards Ceremony, all singers were invited to join in the Closing Ceremony, where the participants who joined the Open Singing with Barnsley Youth Choir earlier that day, presented the results from the session.

The Hull International Choir Competition was a fantastic event which left everyone including organizers, participants and local partners, satisfied, grateful and with the hearts filled of music.