5th World Choir Games

July 09 - 19, 2008 Graz, Austria

Graz 2008

A total of 20,000 singers and numerous adjudicators from 93 nations came to the World Choir Games 2008. In 28 categories 441 choirs sang in 600 competition performances for 102 golden, 131 silver and 19 bronze diplomas in the Qualification of the World Choir Games and for 130 gold, 191 silver and 27 bronze medals in the Competition of the World Choir Games. The most successful countries were South Africa, China, Indonesia, Austria, and Hungary. 71 choral experts from a total of 34 nations belonged to the international jury. Patron was Dr. Heinz Fischer, Federal President of the Republic of Austria.

The Council of the World Choir Games, consisting of 73 nations back then (today 80), met on two days for the Assembly of the World Choir Games. Apart from the passing of the Resolution, a further focus was on the advancements of the World Choir Games and further INTERKULTUR major events.

Media coverage and exposure are of crucial importance for international awareness of the world's biggest choir competition and its organizers. "We are the world", the gala TV show recorded on 12 July, was broadcasted on Saturday, 26 July at 8.15 p.m. on ORF 2. The show, developed in close co-operation with INTERKULTUR, "A Midsummer Night of Choirs" presented the entire range of genres and styles on the international choral scene in an unprecedented format. Further crowd-pullers were "The Night of Dragons", where Shaoxing/China, the next host city of the World Choir Games presented itself as well as many other gala concerts and the "Choral Fireworks".

"The event summer of Graz 2008 will not only be treasured by me and others but moreover have a permanent place in the collective memory of our city because of the World Choir Games. About 20.000 singers, who have enlivened and ensouled Graz during these World Choir Games, have engraved in a positive sense on the mind and hearts of the citizens of Graz because of their musical performances and their joyful and colourful presentation."

Mag. Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of Graz, Austria

"The 5th World Choir Games in Graz, Austria, was the first Interkultur/Musica Mundi event the Tygerberberg Children's Choir took part in. […] Long live the World Choir Games! Tygerberg Children's Choir is very proud to be associated with it and hopes to host this excellent competition in South Africa soon!"

Tygerberg Children’s Choir, South Africa

"First of all cordial congratulations to all of you for this wonderful event here in Graz. Being a citizen of Graz it was a wonderful present to me to experience the global choral community first-hand this way. [...] The jury concept appeared very effective to me as it made cooperation of jurors of different cultural settings and countries possible. I was especially impressed by the determination of results and the way jury meetings were being held."

Prof. Mag. Ernst Fischer, Juror, Austria

"Chorus Carolostadien was proud and pleased to take part, among other choirs, in giving voice to the message of peace and friendly co-existence of nations around the world. By competing and playing music together we had the chance to sense enthusiasm and openness to the language of music and the international culture of people.
Most of all, it has been an honor to be a part of the „singing world“. The Stadthalle became a place for making new friends and promoting different cultures.
I think that altogether, in that short period of time and in spite of our diverse nationalities and cultural origins, we achieved to sing and breathe as one, which is the best impact and the best promotion of world peace and joy."

Drazena Karmelic, President of Chorus CAROLOSTADIEN, Croatia

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