INTERKULTUR’s new project combines your wanderlust and your love of music. The ON STAGE event series is ready to check off your list of must-see cities and will do so while providing all the comforts of a non-competitive choral music event and the opportunities and delights of a tourist tour around local traditions, culture and history….and, yes, also around local fun. Worldwide landmark cities like Paris, Madrid, Stockholm, Prague, Amsterdam and many other first-rate destinations will be your stage and heaven for the 4-day events which will revolve around friendship concerts, touristic tours, workshops and celebration.

The events are designed for all those who wish to combine their music with travelling, learning and experiencing of new destinations.

The schedule will include touristic activities (sight-seeing), short concerts in touristic places (churches, halls), a workshop with a local choir and a joint concert of all the participants.

"Your professional work and your kindness were for sure a great help to bring the success of our choirs participation in this festival"

Kolot Bat Yam, Israel (ON STAGE in Lisbon 2016)

"Everyone was very satisfied with our trip to ON STAGE in Prague. I hope that we would stay in touch and see each other in some future events."

Igor Vlajnic, Croatia (ON STAGE in Prague 2016)

Registration Information

The official registration deadline has passed on October 30, 2017.

If you have not yet registered your choir for organizational reasons please contact us to discuss further details.

Event Package
Registration Documents

We will be glad to send you a preliminary schedule for your participation and the overview of the costs for the event package.



You can register you choir online. Please click at REGISTER NOW button and fill-in the registration form.

Recordings, photos and the biography of the choir can be sent separately by email to onstage(at)



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Event Details


The events are designed for all those who wish to combine their music with travelling, learning and experiencing of new destinations.

Among others, the schedule will include the following performance opportunities:

  • A guided city tour including performances with local and international choirs in different places, churches or other performance locations.
  • A workshop where participants will be introduced to the musical tradition of the region and work on 1-2 pieces to perform together at the final concert.
  • Acoustic and stage rehearsals.
  • Final concert with performances of appr. 15 minutes per choir and a joint performance of all choirs with the pieces from the workshop.
  • Performances in churches.

Additional touristic activities, performances and individual programs can be organized upon request.




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