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4 ideas restart your choral activities with fundraising

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In these days when cultural life seems to be returning in many places around the world and choirs are coming together again to sing and rehearse in safe conditions, the time has come to think about the future, too. Are there concerts you can plan yet? Is a choir trip finally an option again? Whatever you have in mind and whatever ideas you have for the future, you will probably need financial support. That's why we've put together a few fundraising tips we'd like to share with you. 

When choirs start having a positive effect on the people living in their surroundings, they become their fans. These fans eventually turn into sponsors and help the choir out when in need. These choirs then become ambassadors of their hometown, local enterprises, and institutions, which greatly benefits them. If you're a choir conductor or a choir manager and are running out of money on just moving around your city for performing, here are some of the fundraising tips meant only for you.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

It is the most popular and effective way of fundraising at this moment and is picking up the pace at quite a faster rate. For choirs, being a non-profit organization, it is the best method to collect donations for their everyday expenses. These days’ crowdfunding campaigns aren't limited to face-to-face interactions only but are expanded towards social media. Suppose your choir has a Facebook page and has even 1000 active people who interact on your posts. In that case, you can ask them about funding your ensemble so that you can perform in every event, celebration, or competition.

Additionally, the choir members can cast the net wider into their networks and request donations from their friends. There are many benefits to crowdfunding campaigns, such as low set-up costs, minimal face-to-face interactions, and boosted promotions. Additionally, the choral music is so pleasing to people's ears that they would love to fund your crowdfunding campaign.

Fundraising Gala Event

This is another top-notch idea for those choirs with a broader vision and who want to perform at local choir competitions, choir festivals, or international choir competitions. A fundraising gala event is a top-shelf idea for those choirs who wish to raise money by performing in front of the people. Additionally, along with the funds raised from the concert or gala, choirs can benefit significantly from the table purchases, ticket sales, and sponsoring local businesses. Suppose you want to raise money for an international choir competition and want any kind of event organized for fundraising.

Trivia Night

If the choir members want to raise the money, informally interacting with the public, hosting and celebrating a trivia event should be their topmost priority. As trivia night is celebrated with much enthusiasm and people love spending time on such occasions, the choir manager should also keep the Trivia night theme similar to the choir's theme. The trivia topics for the night should be about choral music, choir singing, World Choir Games, INTERKULTUR Events, international choir competitions, choir festivals, INTERKULTUR World Rankings, or anything related to (choral) music. The choirs can raise their money by selling tickets for trivia night to the event participants, and they can also raise money from selling food and beverages at those events. The most important aspect of organizing a trivia night is that it can be arranged quickly, and it can take place anywhere without any additional costs.

Fundraising money from the community

There are many things a choir can do if they want to seriously raise the money for their national or international music events. The first and foremost thing that a choir should do is to provide community service to their surrounding schools and other events. This will help them become popular in the area and believe it; it has its advantages. When the choir starts becoming popular, it will begin to attract fans, and these fans will eventually start to fund you in different ways. When your ensemble reaches a certain level of popularity, you will be known as an ambassador of your city. Additionally, the choir can ask their local institutions and companies for help. The best to approach them is to perform free-of-cost on their events and then ask them for a fundraising event for your chorus.

Bottom Line

The creative and successful approaches mentioned above are some of the best tips for choirs if you want to raise some money for your future endeavors. These are worth the effort and will bring you fruitful results.  As you might already know, all INTERKULTUR events have been carried out according to the MUSICA MUNDI evaluation system. This makes possible an impressive overall comparison of all choirs/ensembles that have participated in INTERKULTUR competitions. The results of all choirs that participated in INTERKULTUR events are included in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings, which show the TOP 1000 of choirs. The complete list can be found here.

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