37 choirs made Corfu rock

Second edition of the Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition became a huge success

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

In the end there were five choirs convincing the international jury with excellent competition performances and being chosen to compete in the final Grand Prize Competition for the Corfu International Choir Prize 2018: Canzone (Estonia), Suanplu Chorus (Thailand), Estonian National Girls' Choir LEELO (Estonia), The Children's Choir Alie Parusa of the Art School #1 in Vladivostok (Russia), and Chór Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego we Wrocławiu (Poland).

This Grand Prize Competition in the afternoon was followed by the Awards Ceremony, Closing Concert and Farewell Party in the evening. In his final speech, Artistic Director Fred Sjöberg nailed what so many participants also felt during the past festival days:

“Again we have shown the choral world and Corfu how essential this festival is and that it has become an important part of the international concert and festival program here.”

After all competition results had been announced, choirs from Poland, Thailand and Russia performed once again for the audience before the Grand Prize Winner was announced and the trophy handed over to the Estonian National Girls’ Choir LEELO – accompanied by great cheering, joy and happiness.

So everybody was in best mood for the final evening, which started with an impressive Beatboxing session by jury member Tobias Hug, followed by great party music by “Mind the Band”.

The second edition of the Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition again was a great success for organizers, participants and the Green Island Corfu – to be continued! Greece will again host an international choir competition and festival next year in Kalamata. Get more information here.

More impressions of this year’s Corfu event including photos and videos can be found at its official Facebook page.

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