3rd Kalamata International Choir Competition and Festival

October 9 - 13, 2019 Kalamata, Greece

Singing in the Land of Gods

Two previous choir events in Kalamata have proven: The combination of sea, mountains, vine and olive trees make Greece a place where singers from all over the world feel mostly welcome.

Hosted by the romantic city of Kalamata, located on the Southern Peloponnese this choral event combines the advantages of an international choral competition with various concert opportunities in a culturally diverse city.

Narrow lanes, a historic old town and the Apostles church of the 12th century characterize the townscape until today: Kalamata is vibrant, calm and idyllic.

The competition part offers categories for different levels of difficulty, casts and musical genres – the festival combines an easy going gathering of different nations with the wonderful setting of South East Europe.

Participation Opportunities

This INTERKULTUR event provides you the opportunity to choose from the following options of participation:

Non-competitive Participation Competitive Participation
Non-competitive Festival Participation* Competition Categories*
Evaluation Performance* Evaluation Performance*
Individual Coaching* Individual Coaching*

Friendship Concert Performance included

Выступление с обсуждением и репетиция с иностранным дирижёром
Дружеские концерты
Конкурс за главный приз

"Наша команда и я выражаем нашу благодарность за прекрасную организацию и проведение фестиваля в Каламате. Группа судей, профессионализм хоров, условия выступлений были отличными. После участия в этих фестивалях у нас «выросли крылья» и открылись новые творческие горизонты!"

Анна Московчук, Радуга Москва (Каламата 2017)

"Спасибо за драгоценные воспоминания, которые приобрели все участники хора."

Ioannis Mavreas, Enosi Filon Musikis Kalamata's – Armonia (Каламата 2017)

"Это был незабываемый опыт для всех нас!"

Elena Droukopoulou, BelCantes - Agios Andreas Eglikada Choir (Каламата 2017)

"Это был восхитительный фестиваль. Каламата - замечательное место для такого фестиваля."

Rolf Egeland, Escape Travel - туристическое агенство хора Caldera (Каламата 2017)

Registration Information

This event lies in the past!

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Event Details

Места проведения
Ноты "Sto perijiali to krifo"

Participating Groups

We are happy to welcome 37 choirs from 15 nations to the 3rd Kalamata International Choir Competition and Festival!

Китай, Демократическая Республика Конго, Дания, Эстония, Германия, Литва
Индонезия, Израиль, Норвегия, Россия, Словения, ЮАР, Швеция, Швейцария

3rd Kalamata International Choir Competition and Festival

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Kalamata is a typical vibrant South European seaport with roughly 70.000 inhabitants. It represents the economical center of the South Peloponnese and is therefore a commercial as well as a touristic center of attraction. Kalamata is situated in the big bay of the Greek headlands and has a long sandy beach and a major harbour facility. The charming city center invites visitors to a stroll and lingering with its narrow alleys, many shops and typical Greek taverns.
One of Kalamata’s cultural highlights is the annual summer festival with concerts and performances at the municipal theatre which is located at the historic castle of Kalamata.

There are several ways to get to Kalamata by plane:

Kalamata International Airport (KLX) is located 11 km away from the center of Kalamata and is regularly approached by the following airlines: Aegean Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, easy Jet, Ryanair, Lufthansa, NIKI.

Araxos Airport (GPA) is located 188 km away from the center of Kalamata and is regularly approached by the following airlines: Ryanair, TUIfly.

Athens International Airport (IATA: ATH, ICAO: LGAV), commonly initialized as "AIA", is the primary international airport that serves the city of Athens and the region of Attica. It is Greece's busiest airport and it serves as the hub and main base of Aegean Airlines as well as other Greek airlines.

Competition Results

We congratulate all singers to their great results! All in all 28 golden, 14 silver and 2 bronze diplomas were awarded. Many thanks to all choirs and ensembles for participating!

Results(310 KB)

Winner of the Grand Prize: VIVA (Norway)

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