Opening Concert in Bad Ischl © INTERKULTUR

International Choir Event Opens to a Packed House in Bad Ischl

Opening Concert features choir performances from Austria, Finland, Estonia and Jordan

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl's Konzert- und Theaterhaus was filled to capacity yesterday as choir singers from around the world gathered for the official opening of the 15th International Choir Competition & Festival. Organized by the city of Bad Ischl and INTERKULTUR, the event showcased an impressive lineup of 25 choirs from 14 different nations, ready to listen to a first selection of international choral music..

The evening began with a heartfelt welcome from the city officials and INTERKULTUR representatives. The choirs, visibly in high spirits, were greeted enthusiastically as they represented countries as diverse as China, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Iran, Jordan, South Korea, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, and Austria. Each group received a warm reception, adding to the excitement and communal atmosphere of the event.

Austria, the host nation, was represented by the Chor der Technischen Universität Wien. Under the direction of Alexander Pacha, they performed traditional Austrian pieces alongside Johann Strauss's "Champagnerlied”. Other highlights included performances by Estonia's Pärnu Kammerkoor, Finland's Timotei, and Jordan's Mosaica Singers, each bringing a piece of their homelands to the Austrian stage.

Artistic Director Romans Vanags and Bad Ischl's Lord Mayor Ines Schiller both took to the stage to extend their welcomes and express their excitement for the days ahead. The event not only served as a showcase of international talent but also as a celebration of global unity through music.

The festival promises several more days of competitions and performances, with choirs competing in various categories and singing together in a variety of Friendship Concerts throughout the city.

As the first day concluded, the organizers and participants looked forward to the upcoming competitions. With such a successful start, the 15th International Choir Competition & Festival in Bad Ischl is set to be a memorable event for all involved.

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