Screenshot of Hello Council Meeting in September 2023 © INTERKULTUR China

Hello Council 2023: Sing Forward! Think Forward!

New Trends of Chinese Senior Choirs

World Choir Council

"Hello Council" is the series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and World Choir Council. The 14th "Hello Council" came on live on September 22 with guest speakers Mr. Wu Kewei and Mr. Sun Lei, two famous male conductor and composer in China and Ms. Wang Jun, conductor of Hunan Zhiqing Art Throupe. This live focuses on the topic of "New Trends of Senior Choirs". More than 1700 Chinese audience participated in the live broadcast, and more than 10,000 people watched the review video.

This show focused on the senior choirs, the largest choir group in China. In recent years, many of them have developed new styles in works, performance, clothing, media etc. The guests analyzed the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and development of Chinese senior choirs, and put forward distinct and unique views.

Mr. Wu Kewei's contribution was very useful. "Singing forward," he suggested when talking about how to improve the sound quality of senior choirs. He asked the elder people to send their sound forward while the resonating cavity is open to achieve a more penetrating and smooth choral acoustics.

Mr. Sun Lei affirmed the potential space for the development of Chinese senior choirs, and proposed to make the "chorus consciousness" more open and diversified, so as to achieve a new look in basic training, style selection, stage presentation and other aspects.

During the interactive session, Ms. Wang Jun shared the experience of Hunan Zhiqing Art Troupe participating in the World Choir Games: "The efforts of nearly two decades have brought us the honor of winning the champions in the category of senior choirs in WCGs. However, with the development of the choir, the members show an aging trend, how should we choose works?". Mr. Wu Kerwei said: "You should choose works that adapt to the current situation of the choir, and do not blindly pursue technical difficulty and blindly imitate some difficult choir style." Mr. Sun Lei's view is the same: "It is not necessary to sing a strong dynamic contrast of the works. The old people have richer life experience and stronger empathy ability, so they are suitable for singing deep thinking, emotional delicate works."

"Hello Council" has now accumulated more than 2,000 Chinese fans. At the end of this live, Ms. Li Qixuan, the project manager, introduced IK events to further promote the brand of INTERKULTUR Events in China.

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