Gotthilf Fischer @ World Choir Games 2008, Graz © INTERKULTUR
Birthday wishes

Gotthilf Fischer celebrates his 90th birthday

Congratulations to the Honorary Ambassador of the World Choir Games

The Honorary Ambassador and a great supporter of the World Choir Games, Gotthilf Fischer turns 90 this Sunday, February 11. INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch congratulates his long-time friend on this special occasion:

“I thank Gotthilf Fischer for everything that he has accomplished for INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Games in recent years. His tireless efforts and unselfish commitment has been a role model for me and my team for years. I thank Gotthilf also for his endeavors for the promotion of choral music and peace in the world – even in high age. He’s bringing together people of different backgrounds, cultures, religions and worldviews through his down-to-earth music; he’s building bridges and crossing borders.”

Since the year 2000 the German conductor and founder of the “Fischer-Chöre” has been Honorary Ambassador of the World Choir Games, the Olympics of Choral Music. To a special degree he supported the World Choir Games in Linz, Austria (2000), Busan, Republic of Korea (2002), Bremen, Germany (2004), and Xiamen, China (2006), as well as the European Choir Games in Magdeburg, Germany (2015).

However, the friendship and collaboration with Gotthilf Fischer started even earlier: Before the premiere of the World Choir Games, he was already linked to Günter Titsch, INTERKULTUR and the region of middle Hesse: Here he searched for singers in 1988/89 for a special television concert named “Lieder, die wie Brücken sind” (engl. “Songs that are like bridges”), which was literally supposed to build a bridge to the ex-Sovjet Union.

In appreciation of his achievements as a bridge builder between the peoples through music and his efforts for peace in the world the World Choir Council awarded him the “World Peace Prize”, which was handed over by the former President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. h.c. Walter Scheel (†) within a festive ceremony in Stuttgart in 2006.

The whole INTERKULTUR team sends the best wishes for today’s birthday to Gotthilf Fischer, who is an ambassador of peace for choral music, the World Choir Games and INTERKULTUR. We wish more health, power and energy for many years to come to keep serving as a role model for culture, politics and religion and make more outstanding contributions to world peace.

Awarding of the World Peace Prize in 2006 © INTERKULTUR Gotthilf Fischer @ Choir Olympics 2004, Bremen © INTERKULTUR Fischer with Günter Titsch and Walter Scholz in Magdeburg 2015 © Roger Schmidt Fischer at the Volksstimme in Magdeburg 2015 © Roger Schmidt VIP Group picture at European Choir Games 2015, Magdeburg © Roger Schmidt