Chinese choir performing

The choral summer in Germany continues

International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Competition 2015 has officially been opened in Wernigerode, Germany.

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The colorful choir parade that marks traditionally the start of the official opening of the International Johannes Brahms Choir Competition & Festival in Wernigerode was particularly colorful this year. The reason was especially the multicolored traditional costumes from the Chinese children’s choirs that are high in number in these days.

When all groups had gathered in front of the Wernigerode Town Hall Mayor Peter Gaffert welcomed the international guests as warmly as always, before multicolored ballons flied up into the sky. This picture – the historical Wernigerode town hall framed by balloons – has been symbolizing the start of the choir festival since its beginnings.

Afterwards five international participating choirs showcased the musical variety of the upcoming days. The Italian "Coro Daltrocanto" put everyone into the best mood by singing "This Little Light of Mine", and the audience further listened to Chinese, Russian and Finish folk songs.

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In the evening the festive Opening Concert followed in the Stiftskirche St. Sylvestri. Numerous Wernigerode residents had come and listened to a top-class concert featuring three outstanding choirs from Poland, Chinese Taipei and Russia. Works composed by the event’s name giver Johannes Brahms have been frequently performed and enjoyed this evening.

After the last tones had faded away the audience rewarded the performances with standing ovations which in turn were thanked by the Russian choir "Gnesins' Ensemble of Contemporary Music ‘Altro coro’" with two extra songs.

All in all it was a worthy beginning and promising start for the upcoming competition days in Wernigerode!

A selection of photos can be found here.