Akustika Chamber Singers at the Grand Prize Competition of Vox Lucensis 2024 © INTERKULTUR

Akustika Chamber Singers win VOX LUCENSIS 2024

Celebrating the results of the choir competition in Lucca

Vox Lucensis - Concorso Corale Internazionale

It feels like only yesterday we kicked off the third edition of the international choir competition Vox Lucensis in the historic city of Lucca, and just like that, it's a wrap! After some days packed with competition performances our esteemed jury had chosen six outstanding choirs to compete again in the final Grand Prize Competition for the Vox Lucensis Choir Prize 2024:

• Akustika Chamber Singers, South Africa

• Konzertchor der Schule für Chorkunst München, Germany

• Männerchor 1891 Somborn e.V., Germany

• Silvitni, Faroe Islands

• South Denmark Girls' Choir, Denmark

• Torun Music School Youth Choir “Semper Iuvenes”, Poland

In the competition concert this afternoon in Lucca, all choirs presented their amazing talents in these last performances, and were supported by all participants in the event. But there’s only one that took home the Grand Prize 2024 and the €1500 reward that accompanies it:

Congratulations to

Akustika Chamber Singers from South Africa

conducted by Christo Burger

A thunderous applause for this incredible accomplishment!


And let's not forget to celebrate the victors in each category as well:


Category A1 Mixed Choirs - Difficulty Level I

Akustika Chamber Singers (South Africa)
conducted by Christo Burger

Category A2 Choirs of Equal Voices - Difficulty Level I

Männerchor 1891 Somborn e.V. (Germany)
conducted by Martin Trageser & Volker Bernhart

Category C2 Chamber Choirs & Vocal Ensembles of Equal Voices

Silvitni (Faroe Islands)
conducted by Cinthia Gonzalez Parada

Category G1 Children’s Choirs

Konzertchor der Schule für Chorkunst München (Germany)
conducted by Maksim Matsiushenkau

Category G2 Youth Choirs of Equal Voices

South Denmark Girls' Choir (Denmark)
conducted by Mette Rasmussen

Category G3 Youth Choirs of Mixed Voices

Torun Music School Youth Choir "Semper Iuvenes" (Poland)
conducted by Renata Szerafin-Wójtowicz

Category S Musica Sacra a cappella

Akustika Chamber Singers (South Africa)
conducted by Christo Burger

Awards Ceremony with Akustika Chamber Singers © INTERKULTUR

For the full rundown of the results, the complete list is available for download here:

Results Vox Lucensis 2024

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