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Carmen manet to participate in European Choir Games

Winner of Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 joins competition in Sweden

“The average age of our singers is 25.5. The average shoe size is 38.4, but that would change significantly, if you added our conductor to the sample. The most frequent name in choir is Eva and the most common choice of studies among singers are mathematics and biology.”

This is how the female chamber choir “Carmen manet” from Slovenia introduced itself when they participated in the tv talent show “Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017” in Riga – where they even turned out to become the winner!

Not sure, if this is still 100% true in summer 2019, when they come to participate in the 4th European Choir Games in Sweden, but they will definitely still be made up of the best singers of past and present generations of the Gimnazija Kranj Girls Choir.

Carmen manet has been conducted by Primož Kerštanj since its foundation in 2011. Despite its young age, the choir has already achieved excellent results at several international competitions in Italy, Croatia, China, Switzerland and Latvia. Their international reputation has been shaped especially due to their Grand prix win on the 50th Montreaux International Choral Competition in April 2014 and especially their achievement of becoming Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 on the first competition for the Eurovision Choir TV show. As a foretaste to Gothenburg, here’s their winning performance from “Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017”. For this contest they had commissioned two newly composed pieces by young Slovenian composers, both based on traditional music from Slovenia:

Scarf (Music: Katarina Pustinek Rakar / Lyrics: Traditional)

And So We Dance in Resia (Music: Samo Vovk / Lyrics: Samo Vovk, Ljoba Jenče, Matej Šekli, Barbara Grahor, Silvana Paletti)

For more information about the Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg 2019 & 4th European Choir Games please check out www.europeanchoirgames.com. Keep following the event’s official Facebook page for more regular updates!