Paul Smith and the VOCES8 Method

A pedagogical concept designed for students from all over the world

Your Voice

In the World Wide Web there are numerous of videos, which offer tips and advices for your voice and your choral performances – you know them for sure. But the most authentic tips mostly came from people, who actually work with the voice and singing every day and have didactic experiences, for example Voces8. Varied pedagogical concepts on board, the British ensemble visits schools and workshops all over the globe. One of the further educational projects is known under the title "Voces8 Method" and is also online available as video.

The Voces8 Method was created by Paul Smith, singer of the eight member ensemble Voces8, and is published by Edition Peters. The pedagogical series is available in English, German and French (the Japanese and Chinese versions are being planned) and designed for students of all ages. As a new kind of teaching method it aims to enhance development in numeracy, literacy and linguistics with the help of music.

The entire method consists of eight consecutive episodes, which we like to present you in a playlist on youtube. Here is a little foretaste with the 1st episode, in which Paul Smith will teach you the basics for the pop beat. Have fun while joining and learning!

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By the way, Paul Smith and his seven colleagues will offer different workshops and will sing along with the choirs in concert during the event ON STAGE Frankfurt. Furthermore we are pleased to welcome the Voces8 singer as juror for the 10th anniversary of the International Johannes Brahms Choir Competition and Festival Wernigerode 2017.