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Husband confesses: While the wife is at choir practice…

His wife is a singer in the female choir "Philomela" from Finland and every Wednesday night he's watching the children while she's at choir practice. What happens in those nights? A husband confesses...

Choir Stories

On the occasion of today's International Women's Day, we're glad to share this wonderful, supportive story once again with you: 

"My wife’s choir nights are a peculiar thing. First of all, they’re the best excuse for never having to go into meetings on late Wednesday afternoons. Even in situations where I could simply say that I can’t make four o’clock on Wednesday and no explicit reasons are really expected of me, I’ve noticed that I tell people that I can’t make it because it’s my wife’s choir night.

If the reason for missing a meeting was that I was going to play board games with my friends, I’d keep quiet about it and mumble something about a prior appointment. When I tell colleagues or clients that the reason for not being able to meet them on Wednesday is my wife’s choir practice, pretty much every time it elicits some questions or comments.

At the very least I’m either asked the name of the choir (which surprisingly often people have heard of) or then I’m complimented on making time for my wife’s hobbies. The bottom line is, as an excuse it’s on a totally different level compared to, say, my wife going to the gym or having a parent’s meeting in the kindergarten. I’ve never sung in a choir myself so I don’t really know whether my own choir practice would work as well. Something that I’d love to mention. With a hint of pride as well.

Second, choir night is in a way a free night for the rest of the family as well. On Wednesdays we can eat sausages and leave the broccoli in the fridge. (The same goes for my wife’s choir’s trips abroad. My daughter learned to drink coffee while my wife was in Zambia on choir business. That would never have happened with the wife around.) Choir practice takes so long that I’ve tucked the kids to bed before my wife gets home so I get a chance to relax by myself for a while. I just wish my wife would go for a beer after choir more often. Then those quiet Wednesday nights would last even longer."

Choir story was submitted by Philomela choir, Finland

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