9th World Choir Games

July 06 - 16, 2016 Sochi, Russia

Sochi 2016: On the way to new records

From 2000 onwards the biennial World Choir Games have brought together cultures and nations from all over the world to meet and sing together – meanwhile the event has established as the world’s largest international choir competition.

The biggest World Choir Games in the event’s history happened in 2014 in the Latvian capital Riga. A total of 27,000 participants from 73 nations came together to sing and celebrate a feast of choral music. The next World Choir Games 2016 will be held in the Russian Olympic City of Sochi and invite singers to experience original Olympic atmosphere in the Olympic Village from 2014.

All amateur choirs of the world are invited to head for a 11-day journey through the whole world of choral music at the World Choir Games 2016 and to perform in the competitions, in Friendship Concerts and to perform together on stage for huge singing projects.

The World Choir Games offer once-in-a-lifetime musical and cultural experiences as well as a professional, high-quality international expertise at competition evaluation, in workshops and further pedagogical offers. Benefit from those professionals and support the further development of your choir!

Participation Opportunities

The World Choir Games in Sochi invite all non-professional choirs of the world to participate. The Games offer fair and realistic competition to experienced competitive choirs as well as choirs with relatively little international experience and participation opportunities in 29 different categories.

The World Choir Games offer The Champions Competition and The Open Competition. These two competitions allow choirs to participate at the appropriate level.

Choirs that do not want to participate in the competitions have the chance to perform with choirs from around the world in Friendship Concerts, in an international festival stage choir, to be evaluated and learn from respected international conductors, or to attend the workshops and seminars that will be offered during the Games.

A - Competitions
B - Non-Competitive Evaluation
C - Friendship Concerts
D - Festival Stage Choir (World Festival Singers)
E - Workshops & Seminars
F - Study Tour for Conductors

"The decision for Sochi to be the host city of the 9th World Choir Games is reasonable and confirms the Olympic spirit of peaceful competitions. In Sochi you'll have the chance to perform in the best concert halls during high season in vacation period and to make the audience familiar with your skills. Further, you can experience the best folklore groups, children's and university choirs as well as professional singers from Russia - the new center for choral music from around the world.
Come to Sochi and become World Champions of Singing!"

Alexander Solovyev, Russia

"A new view on diversity of choral cultures of our time, old and new music, traditional and modern genres – this is what the WORLD CHOIR GAMES bring to the international choral stage. The event’s general idea of exposing the best choirs and presenting different trends in music is wonderful!
The competitive spirit has got an unusual dimension here - choirs and ensembles gladly sing next to each other and exchange their music experience, the conductors are discussing and exploring new artistic ideas and competing becomes a real feast!"

Prof. Dr. Theodora Pavlovitch, Bulgaria

"The World Choir Games is a unique happening in the world. Through its basic idea it has made an unmeasurable contribution to the get-together of people from all nations. What sometimes politics could not reach has constantly been realized here - through music and singing together. People don't sing against but along with each other. Sochi is a place that has already been connecting the world once. Especially in these times this region needs good will and support. Coming to Sochi is a valuable contribution to peace."

Branko Stark, Croatia

"Since Russia is one of the neighbors of China, which played important roles in the development of choral music history in the 1950s, the significant impacts to China as well as the first-time host in Sochi are essential aspects that attract my attention. Additionally, more and more Chinese children's choirs have participated in the event recently whom not only won the rewards, but also gained great experiences and friendship during the process. The positive impacts and learning process are important reasons why I think choirs should join this event."

Meng Dapeng, China


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Welcome to Sochi!


There are several ways to get to Sochi:

By plane

The Sochi International Airport (AER) is located 33 km away from Sochi city center and is regularly approached by the following airlines: Uzbekistan Airways, S7 Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Transaero Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Airline Tajmyr, Ural Airlines, Air Armenia, Air Moldova.

By train

There's a direct express train from Moscow to Sochi twice a day. The journey lasts 24 hours and it directly goes to Adler railway station located close to the Sochi Olympic Village, where many choirs will stay during the World Choir Games 2016. Train tickets can be purchased for example at railcc - central community for rail travel.