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A lovestory from Italy

shared by Grazia Racioppa

Choir Stories

I met the man who is now my husband in a choir. I was 16 and joined the choir where he, a conservatory student, was organist.

It wasn't love at first sight; it “clicked” between the two of us years later. In those two years I got to know him and appreciate him during the choir's activities, for the great passion and professionalism that he put into what he was doing at a very young age.

Two years later, I’d say, our friendship had progressed, from the initial shyness he aroused in me as a musician I learned to appreciate him also as a person: spontaneous, shy too, very easy despite his talent. He was preparing his organ diploma and for a series of circumstances I found myself giving him a hand as a "registrant" during the long hours of study. I loved those moments, in silence, just in the company of music. And what a thrill the day he graduated! I was there -even though I couldn't be his registrant - and I followed every step with anxiety, knowing them all by heart!

We hung out a lot as friends. We used to go out together, and of course we also met for the concert activities of him and of the choir we were both part of: in fact, all the other choristers were convinced that we were already a "consolidated" couple, even if it wasn't true. Or maybe, unlike the others, we didn't realize it yet. In fact, we found ourselves being together spontaneously, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

It's not easy to remember everything that has happened since then. The tenderness and beauty of the moments we shared, but also the difficulties we encountered... we got married just over a year later, and soon we even had our only daughter.

Today, after 31 years, I still sing in the choir directed by my husband, in fact, I am even its president. Our daughter has breathed music since before she was born, she loves music like us and follows the footsteps of her father and mother: in fact, she also sings in a choir, although in another city, but she has also gained experience as a choir director, and today she is studying conducting.

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