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The new choral year of INTERKULTUR starts

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2016 provides a lot of choral music. New and unique competitions among others in Chiang Mai, Provo and Vienna offer a colorful variety of artistic challenges around the globe to choirs from all over the world. Non-competitive concert tours within the event series ON STAGE invite the choirs to discover the most impressive metropolises of the world. For individual singers there is the chance to gather valuable experiences during concerts as well as in workshops with well-known choral experts.

The highlight of the year will be the worldwide biggest choral festival, which will take place from July 6-16, 2016 in Russia. For the 9th time since 2000 INTERKULTUR unites the international choral scene in peaceful musical competition every two years. This year’s host of the World Choir Games is Sochi, Russia, the Olympic City of the Winter Games 2014.

Save the dates for a successful choral year 2016:

Until January 15, 2016 all interested choirs have the chance to register for the World Choir Games 2016. The registration deadline for Sing’n’Joy Vienna 2016 will end on January 18, 2016.

All information about the registration deadlines and documents can be found on the official INTERKULTUR Homepage.

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