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"Hello Council" to the World

A successful start of a brand new journey

"Hello Council" is the series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and World Choir Council. The 1st "Hello Council" came on live on August 28 with guest speakers Mr Yang Li, professor at China Central Conservatory of Music, conductor of Beijing Philharmonic Choir and Ms Zimfira Poloz, professor at University of Toronto, conductor of Hamilton Children's Choir. Both of the guest speakers are World Choir Council members, and are world-class children's choir experts.

Before the live talk started, all participants as well as the guest speakers shared a short silent tribute to Professor Yang Hongnian, who passed away this summer and was a great conductor, educator and Honorary Artistic President of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Games.

The 1st "Hello Council" live talk focused on the foothold of choral development under the COVID-19 environment and the future growing trend of virtual choir. Zimfira Poloz introduced a research in North America and talked about how her choir coped with the current situation with optimistic attitude. Yang Li shared his opinion on how virtual choir will definitely not take over the importance of actual encounter and added more updates regarding how Chinese choirs dealing with the graduate revive of choral life in China.

The "Hello Council" series live talk will continue to bring the newest information and cherish the choral community utmost. The 2nd "Hello Council" will be in October. Stay in tuned and feel free to contact joy.rantao(at)interkultur.com.cn for more details.

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