Panorama of Frankfurt

We proudly present: ON STAGE in Frankfurt

In September 2016 the Frankfurter Singakademie starts a new workshop series named „Singspiration Frankfurt“ – INTERKULTUR is also on board


Singing, learning and travelling together – this is now possible in the Hessian bank metropolis Frankfurt Main. From September 16-19, 2016 the Frankfurter Singakademie and INTERKULTUR invite choral lovers interested in traveling to ON STAGE Frankfurt.

ON STAGE in Frankfurt is a cooperation between INTERKULTUR and the Frankfurter Singakademie, the biggest concert and oratorio choir in Frankfurt. With this event, the choir starts a new series of workshops, named "Singspiration Frankfurt", which is aimed at inspiring singers and non-singers.

For the premiere of the event series the Frankfurter Singakademie was able to engage the well-known a cappella ensemble VOCES8, which offers a weekend full of fascinating workshops in the field of vocal training, intonation and singing in a community. A final concert in the Frankfurter Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten belongs to the event's highlights. The singers will have the opportunity to apply the newly learned skills and to perform together with VOCES8 and other participating choirs in concert.

Beside the musical training programs ON STAGE offers the chance to discover the multicultural city with all its sky scrapers and historical places.

Interested singers can register for ON STAGE Frankfurt until May 10, 2016. All information about participation and registration can be found online on the event's website.

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