Merikosken Laulu at the Friendship Concert

Calella sings

The choirs from all over the world say goodbye to the Catalonian host city

Competitions & Festivals

The last day of the Festival has dawned. The days are passed away to fast! We have experienced a lot of great competitions and concerts. 49 choirs from 23 countries brought Calella and Barcelona to sound. And also the weather played along.

Yesterday two highlights of the festival took place: the competition in the category Chamber Choirs in the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona and the Gala Concert "Pop and Sound" in the Sala Mozart in Calella. Both concerts are well visited and offered a variated concert program. We are especially lucky about the fact, that so many choirs found the way to one of the best European concert halls. The Palau de la Música Catalana belonged to the venues of the "Canta al mar" - Festival Coral Internacional for the first time.

Today we will say goodbye to the host city Calella with a lot of choral music. At 15h and 17h two Award Ceremonies will take place in the Fabrica Llobet, to which all competition’s results of the last day as well as the category winners will be announced.

Following that, we are looking forward to "Calella sings". Under the conduction of the jury members all choirs will start to sing the well known hymn "Viva Musica Mundi" at 19h on different places in the inner city of Calella. All choral lovers from the city and surrounding are warmly welcomed to enjoy the choirs from the whole world one last time.

Directly after the "Calella sings" the choirs will sing at Friendship Concerts on the same places. So the audience has the chance, to experience many different choirs and choral music from different countries in a short time during a walk through the inner city.

In the evening all participating singers are warmly welcomed to the Fiesta de la Amistad to close the "Canta al mar" – Festival Coral Internacional together with the INTERKULTUR team as well as Paella and Sangria at 20h in the Platja Gran. We will think about the experiences and celebrate it together with new friends.

We are curious about the results of the competitions and are looking forward to meet all choirs once again this evening in a relaxed atmosphere.


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