Streets of Calella, Spain © INTERKULTUR
Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

1000 voices to make Calella resound

34 choirs join the 8th Canta al mar 2019 from October 23-27

Set the stage for one of INTERKULTUR’s most popular events: Since 2012 the annual festival "Canta al mar – Festival Coral International" in Calella and Barcelona is a must-see attraction for many choirs from around the world. For its 8th edition a total of 34 choirs from 18 nations – roughly 1000 singers – will come to Calella and celebrate their shared passion for singing, get new inspiration for their choral life and make new friends from all around the world.

The festival will open on October 23 with the traditional Parade of Choirs through the narrow streets of Calella, ending in the beautiful park Pati de l’Òs. This year, the official Opening Event will feature a special highlight: the world premiere of the new official festival hymn “Canta al mar!” composed by the event’s Artistic Director Óscar Boada. Further, the popular “Cobla Sant Jordi” will add some Mediterranean flavor to the Opening Event with their instruments. In the evening the official Opening Concert at the Església de Santa Maria (21:00 h) with international choral sounds marks a wonderful prelude to the upcoming days.

On October 24 and 25 choirs will appear in front of the international jury in different competition categories and present their choral skills in Calella and also in Barcelona. Evening highlights on these days will be the “Music & Light” concert in the Església de Santa Maria i Sant Nicolau (October 24, 22:00 h) and a concert full of “Pop & Jazz” sounds in Sala Mozart (October 25, 21:00 h). Several Friendship Concerts during the days bring even more international choral melodies to Calella and its residents.

The final festival day, October 26, starts with a last competition in category “Equal Voices – Difficulty Level II & I” in Sala Mozart, 11:00 h. In the afternoon the highly anticipated Award Ceremony will take place at 16:30h at the Fabrica Llobet.

At 19:00h all singers finally bring their very own sounds to in the inner city of Calella performing at „Calella sings“ in the inner city. Choirs will gather at different spots in the city and perform the “Canta al mar!” theme song together at 19:00 h on time, conducted by one of the international jury members. Afterwards the choirs will perform program on their own choice to give a musical greeting and farewell to Calella’s residents and tourists!

All participants will conclude the event with the traditional “Fiesta de la amistad” afterwards – a final evening with “paelly y sangría”, music, friendship and international exchange.

For more information and a full schedule take a look at the official program book, which is available at Regular updates, photos and videos from the event will be available at the Canta al mar Facebook page during and after the event.


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