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3 great TV shows about choirs

Must-see TV series showing the world of choirs, choral competitions, and choristers’ lives!

International Choral Scene

Singers and choristers all over the world can’t wait to go back on stage and enjoy the thrill of singing again in front of a real audience. We certainly know how you are feeling right now and here at INTERKULTUR we too can’t wait to start seeing you again at our choral competitions and festival next year! 

At the same time, we are also aware that for some of us it might still take a while before being able to go back to our usual “musical habits” and to attend musical events, even if near us. It is for this reason that we thought of a way to try and ease this dread and impatience and we selected for you the best TV series about choirs to watch during this - now short - wait. 

It might not substitute the emotion of rejoining with your choir or attending a choral concert, but in the meantime, these great shows will make you experience those indescribable emotions and heartwarming memories that choir singers and enthusiasts know best.

We are sure these must-see shows will make you even more eager to go back to attend choral events, and in that case, here’s a list of opportunities you can’t miss!

1. Glee

The first show of our selection could only have been the famous and unprecedented series “Glee”. 

The Spanish teacher Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) at McKinley High becomes the director of the high school's failing choir and thus takes the chance to rejuvenate it as he hopes to restore it to its former glory. 

This musical comedy thus follows the vicissitudes of the club and its ambitious members as they train and compete in the choir competition circuit trying to repair the club’s reputation and win the Nationals. At the same time, it also follows the personal stories of young singers as they deal with the challenges of high school life.

2. Voices of Fire

Following next is a faith-based docu-series about one pastor in  Pharrell Williams’s hometown of Hampton Roads, Virginia, and his dream of creating the world’s greatest gospel choir. 

The show traces the story of Bishop Ezekiel Williams as he tries to build an inspiring, unconventional, and inclusive gospel ensemble of diverse voices with the help of his superstar nephew and executive producer Pharrell Williams.

3. Perfect Harmony

Last but not least, Perfect Harmony is an American musical comedy set in the fictional town of Conley Fork, Kentucky.

Arthur (Bradley Whitford) is a former Princeton music professor who has fallen off the wagon and lives on a houseboat. One day, as he asks for a sign to go on with his life, he stumbles into choir practice at a small-town church and finds a group of singers that are out of tune in more ways than one. In that moment, Arthur decides the choir needs to be saved and to take it upon himself by becoming the new choir leader. 

Despite the ultimate clash of personalities and sensibilities, this encounter becomes perhaps the perfect opportunity to help each other reinvent themselves and rediscover a little happiness, just when they all need it most. 

We wish all choristers and choirs’ fans out there a pleasant watch, and hope to see you soon at one of our choir events!

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