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World Choir Games 2018

#WCG2018 - Meet the jury

10 questions with Mohau Mogale (South Africa)

Renowned choral experts from 28 different nations are going to evaluate the competition performances at the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa. Time to learn more about them!

10 questions with Mohau Mogale (South Africa)

The Head of Music at the Soshanguve Secondary School also lead as a director the "Sound of the Nation Choir" and the "Bagale Chorus" to their Champion’s title at the Old Mutual National Choir Festival between 2010-2016. His manifold fields of activities include his work as a conductor, composer, accompanist, choral practitioner and coach, adjudicator at many choral events throughout the whole African continent.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration in life?

My greatest inspiration is to bring change in everything I touch or interact with.

What would you be doing today, if you were not in choral music?

I will probably be fiddling with a computer; I always want to explore new things.

When did you last sing?

I sing every day in my rehearsals, but in a choir with a conductor in front, donkey years ago. 

What is the best (and funniest) story to tell from your choral life?

When we had a corporate performance and we had to sing while people were eating, and that moment the MC announced which song we had to sing, and there was no way to sing that song while people are eating, the music was soft and delicate. I just had to tell the choir to sing a dance piece. MC gave me quite a look, and i gave her a smile... 

Which song never fails to move you?


With whom would you like to sing a duet once in your life?

Definitely Pretty Yende… 

What is the greatest piece of choral literature that has ever been written?

Anything from Haydn’s Die Jahreszeiten... 

Acting as adjudicator at choir competitions, what is your main focus of evaluation?

Interpretation, Artistry, Beauty and Intonation  

What is your personal advice to choirs/conductors competing at the World Choir Games?

Enjoy what you do on the world stage, remember its not about the adjudicator sitting down there, it is about the burning feel inside you. Make music from the heart thus satisfying your soul… Winning will just be a cherry on top. 

What’s the most useless talent you have?