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The Voices of the World: Official Song for the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023

A song for unity and community composed by 17-year-old music student Millie Leandersson

European Choir Games 2023

A 17-year-old music student from De Geergymnasiet in Norrköping, Millie Leandersson, has composed the Official Song for the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023. Her work, titled "The Voices of the World," promises to be a resounding anthem of unity and community.

While Millie’s main instrument is the harp, she is a versatile musician, proficient in singing, clarinet, and guitar. Music is not just a subject for her; it's a way of life. "Music really is the big theme of my life," Millie remarks. "In school, I write and play music, and during my spare time, I play in a band. When I do not play it myself, I listen to music."

In late 2022, Millie was approached with a remarkable opportunity: to compose the Official Song for the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023. Without hesitation, she accepted the challenge. "I was thrilled to get the confidence," she recalls. "I really felt like 'Wow, this is huge!'" Her clear vision for the song's direction and her passion for the project made the creative process a fulfilling endeavor.

Guided by David Swärd, a composer and musical teacher at De Geergymnasiet, Millie completed "The Voices of the World" in May. The song is set to make its debut on October 28, 2023, at the Opening Ceremony of the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023.

Millie hopes that "The Voices of the World" will foster a lasting sense of community and nostalgia. "When you do something together with others, like choral singing, you get a special feeling while you sing as well as afterward. I want this song to create that feeling that lingers."

Millie Leandersson's remarkable achievement adds to the illustrious musical legacy of De Geergymnasiet in Norrköping. The school has previously educated Oscar Göransson, the composer recognized with an Oscar in 2019 for his outstanding work on the film "Black Panther."

As the European Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations 2023 draw closer, "The Voices of the World" stands as a testament to the power of music to unite and inspire across generations and borders. The song embodies the spirit of harmony and togetherness that will resonate through the heart of Norrköping during the event.

Participating choirs are asked to learn and practice the song in advance and sing it along during the event. The scores for "Voices of the World," are available for download here: 

The Voices of the World_Sheet Music

Millie Leandersson © private

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