Deep Space Group, China performing on stage © Jonas Persson

Show Choir: A Higher Challenge in Choir Training

“Hello Council” live talk about the special requirements for Show Choirs

World Choir Council

"More and more Chinese choirs are adding body movements and stage performances to their singing, and more and more Chinese composers are incorporating creative performance ideas into their compositions," Mr Chen Guanghui, Chinese representative of World Choir Council, said in the last “Hello Council” online meeting. "Like the Swedish show choirs, the training of show choirs in China is also a big challenge. However, as more young people participate in the choirs in recent years, the development of show choirs in China is advantageous."

"Hello Council" is a series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China, supported by INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council. The 7th "Hello Council" happened on July 30. Along with Mr Chen Guanghui also the Director of Rönninge Show Chorus in Sweden, Ms Anna Alvring joined as a guest speaker. Their main topic was "Show Choir".

In the live talk, Mr Chen Guanghui not only shared the main organizational forms of Chinese show choirs, commented on the development process of show choirs in China, but also compared the situations between China and Sweden. Ms Anna Alvring introduced the basic knowledge of barbershop chorus and shared her experience in Show Choirs during the international competitions.

As one of the most outstanding categories in the World Choir Games, show choir was born from the fusion of pop, rock and light music with choral art since the 20th century. The singers need to sing and dance at the same time in order to present a better stage, which means to a higher personal ability and training level of the choir. As a result, the training of show choirs enriches the methods of choir training and the artistic expression of the singers, and has a good effect on the whole level of the choir.

Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Games, and Vice President of the World Choir Council, Mr Fred Sjöberg concluded the live talk with encouraging words: "I hope that more composers can join in the work of show choir and create more suitable repertoires for it."