Günter Titsch

International understanding in the universe

Astronaut Thomas Reiter talks about the fascination of space flight

“Make the world a better place” – with this slogan President Roger Schmidt names the aim of the German-American Club “Die Brücke” […]

World Choir Games 2018

For the beauty of the earth – rehearsing in South Africa’s vineyards

Chamber choir brings a taste of the Winelands to the World Choir Games 2018

Based in picturesque Winelands district of the Western Cape, South Africa, the Winelands Chamber Choir was established in 2010. Former […]

Sing'n'Pray Kobe

Sing'n'Pray Kobe: Keep tradition alive

Praying and singing together for the victims of the natural disaster 2011

Since 2012 singers from Japan gather in Kobe in order to commemorate the victims of the huge earthquake and tsunami around Fukushima on the […]

World Choir Games 2018

Long-lasting choral tradition to enrich the World Choir Games

SMU Chorale joins the category Mixed Choirs in its anniversary year

In 2018 SMU Chorale has two reasons to celebrate: Not only will they participate in the World Choir Games 2018 in their home country, but […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Austrian charm meets Asian vibrancy

Indonesian choir joins choral get together in Bad Ischl 2018

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika – Unity in Diversity is the national motto of Indonesia which also symbolizes the essence of the 14th International […]

World Choir Games 2018

Flanders sends out its choral ambassadors

Belgian choir joins the World Choir Games in South Africa 2018

Founded in 1968 by Juul Vanderoost, the Jeugdkoor Waelrant is one of the two choral ambassadors that represent Flanders/ Belgium – which is […]

World Choir Games 2018

Great talents: Gibraltar joins the World Choir Games 2018

Gibraltar Youth Choir lines up for South Africa

In 2013 the Gibraltar Youth Choir, formerly known as Santos Productions Academy Choir, pocketed its biggest success so far by becoming […]

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

H-eight-en your choral experience 2018

Register for Robert Schumann Choir Competition in Zwickau

Eight is the essential number of this year’s International Robert Schumann Choir Competition: This renowned event will take place in 2018 […]

Sing'n'Joy Vienna

Where to go on your next choir trip?

Make Vienna your destination of choice!

Loving the choral works of Franz Schubert? Feel like seeing international choirs live performing Gloria and Kyrie from the Mass No. 3 in B […]

Latest news

Welcome to a New Year 2018 with INTERKULTUR!

You are invited! Meet old and make new friends at our events throughout the year

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to 2018! An exciting year is lying ahead for all of us. Again we will have a year full of events, choral […]

World Choir Games 2018

More than a choir – a family of singers at the World Choir Games 2018

South African youth choir joins the international choral community in Tshwane

Named after the South African province in the North-East, the Mpumalanga Youth Choir was originally established in 1981 as the Eastern […]

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to the choirs of the world

The whole INTERKULTUR team wishes choirs of the world a festive holiday season and a great end of the year 2017! It was a pleasure meeting […]

World Choir Games 2018

The Beat goes on….in South Africa 2018!

Canadian Richmond Youth Honour Choir on their 2nd international tour

The Richmond Youth Honour Choir RYHC from Canada features some of the best young singers of the city and the Metro Vancouver area and […]

European Choir Games 2019

Compete with the best choirs from Sweden and the world

Be part of Gothenburg’s largest choral spectacle in 2019

The choral highlight of INTERKULTUR’s event calendar in 2019 will be the Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg 2019 & 4th European Choir Games. […]

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

"We are girls changing the world through song"

iSing Silicon Valley Girlchoir joins International Robert Schumann Choir Competition

From June 6 - 10, 2018 INTERKULTUR welcomes the American iSing Silicon Valley Girlchoir to the international celebration of Schumann’s […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Our gift for choral music lovers

Bad Ischl’s traditional choral festival 2018- registration for choirs is still possible!

Why not treat yourself and your fellow singers with a rather unusual Christmas gift? Travel to a traditional and renowned International […]

World Choir Games 2018

It’s not over yet

You still have the chance to join the World Choir Games 2018

It’s happening now and it isn’t stopping... more and more choirs are joining the 10th World Choir Games Tshwane 2018. We are looking forward […]

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

Romantic Light Festival at the Schwanenteich

Participating choirs arrange the highlight of the competition in a musical way

On the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the German city of Zwickau the 8th International Robert Schumann Choir Competition takes place […]

Helsingborgs Körfestival

Helsingborgs Körfestival: A highlight not to miss!

Registration deadline extended until January 31

Still think about joining Helsingborgs Körfestival in May 2018? So take your time for all preparations during holiday season and send us […]

World Choir Games 2018

Competing with international Champions in Tshwane 2018

Distinguished Linden Choir is ready for the next level

The Linden Choir from the Hoërskool Linden in the north of Johannesburg in South Africa has a long tradition of charming audiences since 24 […]

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“Die Brücke” Charity Concert: „We are the world“

Christmas carols for a good cause supported by INTERKULTUR

On December 8, 2018 two singers, three choirs and a brass band performed Christmas melodies in the forum of the Volksbank Mittelhessen in […]

World Choir Games 2018

High-profile support for Gospelchor Rejoice

German State Minister delegates the choir to The Champions Competition

Gospelchor Rejoice from Germany will join the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa and receives high-profile support: Armin […]

Helsingborgs Körfestival

Broaden your choral minds

Explore other choral genres at the workshop concert “Helsingborg Sings”

You’re a gospel lover but would like to explore classical choral music? You sing in a church choir, but would love to try out jazz or pop […]

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Thanks to Dan Lincoln for years of successful collaboration

President and CEO of Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau retires

As the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau informed on December 7, 2017 its long-time president and CEO Dan Lincoln will retire at […]

World Choir Games 2018

Child ambassadors of South Africa at the World Choir Games 2018

Home game for the University of Pretoria Jacaranda Children’s Choir

Around 80 singers aged between 9 and 15 years representing app. 45 schools – with this combination of different cultural groups the Univers […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Sing in „heaven on earth“

International Choir Competition and Festival Bad Ischl in a stunning setting

Austria’s former emperor Franz I had an extraordinary bond to Bad Ischl, as many significant events, which were of major importance for his […]

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

900 years Zwickau – International choirs join the celebration

Robert Schumann Choir Competition marks a highlight in the anniversary year

2018 is a year to celebrate: INTERKULTUR turns 30 years and the World Choir Games take place for the 10th time already. Furthermore the city […]

World Choir Games 2018

A World Choir Games hero

Diocesan Boys' School Choir prepares for its 8th WCG participation

A multiple WCG Champion will head also for the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa: the Diocesan Boys’ School (“DBS”) Choir from […]


Keen on performing On Stage of Sweden’s capital?

Registration deadline for ON STAGE in Stockholm is approaching

The biggest city in Scandinavia awaits you: Until December 11, 2017 you and your choir can still seize the opportunity to participate from  […]

World Choir Games 2018

Defrosting the choral audience at the World Choir Games 2018

Norwegian Choir is set to grab for gold again

Newcomers, old stagers, well-travelled choirs, domestic groups – INTERKULTUR strives to introduce the wide variety of the World Choir […]

World Choir Games 2018

Same same… but different!

Kearsney College Choir back at the World Choir Games

One of the currently 150 registered choirs for the 10th World Choir Games 2018 is back on the occasion of INTERKULTUR’s 30th anniversary – […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Celebrating an ancient relationship

Bad Ischl welcomes children’s choir from Hungary to its choral festivities

From May 2 - 6, 2018 the Children's Choir of Calvinist Primary School Kecskemét from Hungary joins the International Choir Competition and […]

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Black Friday at INTERKULTUR!

Sharing 20.000 EUR of sponsorship with the choirs of the world

It’s Thanksgiving Week, best time of the year to say THANK YOU: 9.100 choirs and almost 400.000 singers celebrated their music with us all […]

World Choir Games 2018

Countdown to the World Choir Games 2018 is running

10 days left to register for the world's largest choir competition

Choir registration for the 10th World Choir Games 2018 in South Africa is still open until December 1. The world’s largest choir […]

Helsingborgs Körfestival

8 voices - 4 days of choral music

Workshops and concerts with VOCES8 at Helsingborgs Körfestival

Helsingborgs Körfestival in 2004 was one of the most remarkable international choir competitions ever organized in Sweden. 14 years after […]

World Choir Games 2018

Sing a song with “The Plurabelles”

Irish chamber choir tours to the World Choir Games in Tshwane

The Plurabelles are a small chamber choir of girls’ voices, aged between 12 and 18 years, based in Dublin, Ireland. The group grew from a […]

World Choir Games 2018

Boulevard Harmonists to enter the boulevards of Tshwane

First timer choir at the World Choir Games

Established in 1994 The Boulevard Harmonists is a 6-voice (mixed) a cappella ensemble founded by and still part of the Potchefstroom Campus […]

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

Robert Schumann Choir Competition 2018 features international participation

Registration is still possible

The Robert Schumann Choir Competition 2018 will not only pay tribute the composer’s work and his contemporaries, but also will feature a […]

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Our best choirs at a glance

The INTERKULTUR World Rankings 2017 are complete

Golden autumn days recently enchanted choirs and audience at international choir competitions in Porec (Croatia), Kalamata (Greece), Colombo […]

International Choir Competition Maastricht

Choral celebration in Maastricht 2019

A new destination joins INTERKULTUR’s event calendar

The INTERKULTUR choral year 2019 will start with a premiere: From February 7-11, 2019 the International Choir Competition Maastricht will be […]

World Choir Games 2018

Meet the world in Africa

André van der Merwe about the World Choir Games 2018

Prior to the Registration Deadline for the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane (December 1) we had the chance to talk to André van der Merwe, […]

Int. Robert Schumann Choir Competition

Last call for Robert Schumann’s Early Birds 2018

Enjoy benefits for Zwickau's international choir competition

Choirs having a crush on the works of Robert Schumann can still pocket the special rates for Early Bird bookings for the International […]


Voices for Peace calls choirs to Assisi and Perugia

200th INTERKULTUR event highlights intercultural harmony

2018 marks the year of 30 years of INTERKULTUR events and the choir festival Voices for Peace in Assisi and Perugia in Italy, represents a […]

Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017

The sound of choirs resonates from Sri Lanka to the world

Closing of the Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017

The Closing Concert of the 4th Asia Pacific Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations Colombo 2017 was an impressive coming together of the […]

World Choir Games 2018

157 will „Singout“ for the GOSPEL MASS CHOIR in South Africa

The biggest choir so far registered for the World Choir Games 2018

157 participants – the biggest choir until now, which has registered for the 10th World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa, comes […]

Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017

More Champions announced at the Asia Pacific Choir Games

Final Award Ceremony in Sri Lanka

With the second Awards Ceremony at Temple Trees and the following Closing Concert the 4th Asia Pacific Choir Games & Grand Prix of Nations […]

Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Canta al mar 2017 - The Results

Winners of the competition were crowned in Calella

Exciting days full of sining and competition are lying behind the participants of Canta al mar - Festival Coral International in Calella. […]

Asia Pacific Choir Games 2017

Asia Pacific Choir Games - Awarding Part I - Category C6

Statement by the Artistic Committee

The PSM Miracle Voices Ull under the direction of Irene Vista Budi Kusumastuti from Indonesia participated, amongst others, in category C6 […]

Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Colorful flags, splendid sunshine and „Amigos para siempre“

Canta al mar 2017 has been opened

23 degrees and splendid sunshine accompanied the participating choirs of Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional 2017 on Wednesday […]

Latest news

Chorona Buseck e.V. wins a choir trip to Zwickau

Awarding of the winners of the hr4 choir competition

The first choir rehearsal after autumn break was a very special one for Chorona Buseck e.V.: In September the choir competed in the choir […]