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Raising funds for the World Choir Games

Choirs come up with creative activities

Like many charitable organisations, choirs are often dependent on donations and other financial contributions to be able to participate in festivals with international choirs, which often take place abroad.  The meeting of choirs from all over the world, such as at the World Choir Games, create unique memories and encounters between singers from all over the world, which enrich all participants emotionally and musically and thus massively advance the choir's further development. To achieve this goal, the choirs at INTERKULTUR also develop creative ideas to make their dream of joining the World Choir Games come true.

The Open Arts Community Choir from Belfast, for example, participant in Ireland's Got Talent 2019, took the local crochet group Flock Belfast into the team. This group frequently donates earnings from their work to charity, and so in January the entire proceeds from a crochet event went to the good cause, namely the choir's participation in the WCG 2020.

Another possibility, the sponsoring of individual singers and their participation costs, is shown by the example of a mother from South Africa who seeks support for the financing of travel costs of her sun Caleb via the national crowdfunding platform "backabuddy". A short description of the trip details and a few words about the person, and even small amounts of money can be donated for support.

Other groups, such as the Takoma Academy Chorale from the USA, use social media channels like YouTube to draw attention to themselves. Here you can watch individual singers talk in an emotional way about their last trip to the World Choir Games 2018 - and about their great experiences, moving moments and the long-term impact the experiences of this trip had on them.

Another famous choirs at INTERKULTUR, the Barnsley Youth Choir from Great Britain, has found a sponsoring idea for their participation in the World Choir Games 2020: They organise an annual singathon in which the singers sing for 13 hours without a break. More information about this idea can be found here.

Tell us about YOUR fundraising ideas, too, we would love to share them on our channels!


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