Group picture of Erland Dalen and the theater choir "Vinger in je Oor"

Miracles happen

Choir members of the Theater Choir “Vinger in je Oor” from the Netherlands recently had just one wish: Having Erland Dalen from Norway to hand over the “Extraordinary Director Award” to their conductor. And the miracle happened…

World of Voices

“Our Theatre-choir "Vinger in je Oor" (Holland) visited the choir festival ‘Canta al mar’ in Calella last October. Unfortunately, our director is very ill. He did not completely recover yet, but he rejoined us anyway. We prepared a great new show with him. To honour him for this we invented the "Extraordinary Director Award". 

In a bold mood we mailed Erland Dalen to ask him to hand over this award. Erland was our jury in Calella. He is a gifted Norwegian director and his good advices have been with us the entire year

"Dear Erland In our dreams we see you hand over this award in person, but that will probably not be possible... The alternative might be that we Skype with you. Would you like to do that?". 

And guess what? Erland was so moved by our request that he decided to come to Holland, despite his tight schedule!  At the 27th of June he did a masterclass with us, saw our show and handed over the award. Our director was very touched and encouraged to continue his struggle. Singing unites!”

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