Carmina Slovenica artist

Experimental Vocal Theatre

Carmina Slovenica is moving between soundscapes, dance choreographies and contemporary music.

International Choral Scene

The Slovenian Girls`Choir Carmina Slovenica is well known for its innovative stage program. Their storytelling is focused not only on song texts, but also on the usage of the own voice, the room, physical laws, costumes and especially the body’s charisma. They play with their voices and exhaust the spectrum of noises and sounds.

Also the new project is featured by the complexity of theatric, choreographic and an unbelievable variety of vocal techniques and choir traditions. „Toxic psalms - Ultimate collective experience“ presents a reflection of spiritual anguish. The projects`center is the idea of the shamans: all what you create, can turn against you, if used without respect for life. The fundamental idea of Toxic Psalms "I'll tell you. You're young, but you're one of us, and I'm one of us, so I'll tell you" is being communicated with almost haunting overlays, overtone technique, rhythmic talking and experimental vocal techniques.

More information and videos about the extraordinary project can be found at the ensembles homepage.

Under the direction of Karmina Šilec the young and creative ensemble is performing worldwide, from Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Caracas, above Hong Kong and San Francisco to Buenos Aires.

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