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5 best vocal teachers on Youtube offering free singing lessons in 2022

Free vocal lessons for safe voice training from expert singing teachers

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A lot of choir events and competitions are now finally coming back after more than two years.

Fortunately, since many choirs still don’t have the chance to meet and rehearse regularly, 2022 and 2023 are also filled with choir competitions as well as sing-along concert events for individual singers worldwide.

Not only: there are also new events specifically thought for those choristers who won’t be able to travel with their own choirs for still a while but wouldn’t want to miss the chance to finally experience again that wonderful feeling of singing together on stage with fellow singers!

This is for instance the idea behind the project and event SINGSATION, offering all singers the opportunity to travel to exciting destinations alone or in a small ensemble and to become part of an international project choir on site: come together, get to know each other, find each other in a choir and perform in the final climax together in front of an international competition jury and get an evaluation!

If your choir is one of those who don't feel ready to take part in international competitions again, but you don't want to wait any longer for this experience, then SINGSATION is the right choice for you!

For this reason, to support you as you slowly transition back to your singing practice while perhaps still having to train on your own, we have collected five of our favorite vocal coaches offering online free singing lessons and voice training on Youtube!

Let’s check them out:

1. Tara Simon: singing lessons by a vocal celebrity

Tara Simon is a professional singer, songwriter, and celebrity vocal coach. She became extensively recognized as a top finalist on the second season of the XFactor. Whether you’re looking to increase your vocal range, they have the tools to tailor your training to your specific goals. 

Check out Tara Simon’s vocal lessons here:

2) Sophie Shear: singing training focusing on vocal issues and obstacles

Sophie Shearclients have performed on XFactor, American Idol, The Voice, and are signed to record labels like Big Loud, Capitol, Warner Bros, Columbia, and have won CMA, Dove, and Grammy Awards. She’s hooked on helping you uncover the voice that wants to burst out and overcome what holds you back. Her methods detect vocal issues in seconds, and her exercises set voices and singers free instantly.

Check out Sophie Shear’s singing exercises to improve your singing practice here:

3. Eric Arseneaux: singing lessons for a healthy vocal training

Eric Arceneaux is a professional vocal coach, recording artist, and founder of the Arceneaux Approach voice training method. The AApproach method is built up to simply turn the voice into a beautiful instrument accentuating all the right ways to healthily expand a voice while freeing the voice to creatively express itself.

Check out Eric Arseneaux’s singing lessons here:

4. Verba Vocal Technique: vocal training for all levels

This channel is all about supporting your vocal development and discovery. Verba Vocal are on YouTube to help you achieve your goals. It does not matter what level you are at or how long you have been singing, if you love singing then nothing should stop you.

Check out these safe vocal exercises here:

5. Jeff Rolka: everything you need to know about voice training

His mission is to empower and educate singers from all over the world, help people discover how good they can sound, and set up others to learn how to sing in a sustainable, healthy way so that they can enjoy their voices for life.

Discover all Jeff Rolka’s singing educational tips and exercises here:

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