Choir performing on stage (Vox Singers, Poland) © Jonas Persson
Günter Titsch

Solidarity in times of crisis

Special fundraising campaign for the German choral scene

Many singers currently have only one wish: finally being able to get together again, pursue their passionate hobby and experience the joys of choral singing together in their community. And things are looking good:

Choir rehearsals are already possible again in some federal German states subject to appropriate precautions, others will follow soon. And there will be bigger choir meetings taking place again, like at the end of the year at the “1. Deutsche Chormeisterschaft” in Koblenz. The partners in Koblenz and the INTERKULTUR team are really confident that in November there will finally be an opportunity again to experience new encounters, joint singing and long-desired moments of community.

But the time at a distance and without joint rehearsals is also accompanied by financial worries, especially for the amateur choir scene. Fixed costs must be covered every month - without the corresponding income from concerts and other events. But the anticipation of being on stage again together with other choirs should not be overshadowed by worries of this kind. Therefore German choirs which are still planning to join such a choir event this year shall be financially supported in this difficult time, as INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch announces in a new video message:

If you are interested in receiving a donation of 500 EUR for additional choir rehearsals in preparation for an upcoming choir event in Germany in 2020, please contact info(at) directly for further information. 


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