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INTERKULTUR honors Montserrat Candini i Puig

Former mayor of Calella appointed Honorary Ambassador

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During the choir competition SING FOR GOLD from October 12 - 16, 2022, Montserrat Candini i Puig, former mayor of Calella, was honored for her great commitment to international cultural exchange and appointed Honorary Ambassador by the Executive Committee of INTERKULTUR.

For more than 10 years now, the choral world has been a regular guest in Calella. The international choir competition Canta al Mar has become an integral part of the international choir culture and attracts choirs from all over the world to the Catalan coast every year. The small former fishing village owes this famous hospitality and warm atmosphere to its warm-hearted inhabitants, but above all to the town's leadership, in the person of Montserrat Candini i Puig, the mayor of Calella until May 2022.

Candini i Puig accompanied the development of Canta al Mar since the very beginning, welcoming the choral world with open arms in her small town – always convinced that music can bring together people of different cultures, religions and nations. "Music to me means creativity and the potential that comes from our deepest feelings to communicate with the rest of the world."

As part of the premiere of the SING FOR GOLD 2022 choral competition, she has now been honored for her work and great personal commitment with the title of Honorary Ambassador for International Cultural Exchange. "For more than a decade, Mrs. Candini i Puigs has welcomed people from all over the world and given them a space to sing together, to meet, exchange and make friends - for this, we, as well as the choirs of the world, are very grateful and deeply appreciative of her. With her tireless motivation and determination, she will also in the future continue to work for the exchange of nations", INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch substantiates the decision of the Executive Committee.

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