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A restart of culture ahead?

Some countries are announcing plans to reopen arts venues


In many countries, the cultural sector has been broken down for months now. But there's hope, because now there seems to be little movement in some places: Switzerland, for example, announced this week that it will soon reopen cultural institutions soon, according to a message by international arts manager:  

"The Swiss Federal Council (SFC) has announced plans to start reopening arts venues from 1 March. In a statement released on 17 February, it proposed a 'cautious, gradual easing of measures to allow society to start to reopen and economic activity to resume.'

Under the plans, museums, library reading rooms, outside spaces and leisure facilities will reopen. Private outdoor events for up to 15 people will be permitted also.

SFC will take a final decision on 24 February. If the reopening does not lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases then restrictions will be gradually eased." 

At the same time it was annouced by international ars manager, too, that also South Korea will be relaxing the COVID-19 regulations with regard to arts and culture: 

"Culture events are getting closer to a full reopening in South Korea after the government announced a further relaxation of COVID-19 rules.

Concert goers can now sit together with one friend or family member with two empty seats on either side. Previously, all audience members had to be separated by 2 seats in every direction.


In addition, nightclubs, bars and other late-night entertainment venues can reopen. However, patrons will have to wear masks and the venues must close at 10pm." 

The full article can be read here

Isn't it news like this that currently gives us hope that we can get back together soon after all? Do you know of other countries where things are slowly looking up for the cultural sector? 

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