Choreography during a choral performance

The choral festival with a focus on popular music

Monterey offers choirs special participation opportunities

Golden State Choral Trophy

During the golden autumn, from November 20-24 2016, the city of Monterey located in the Golden State California invites choirs from all over the world to the choir festival Golden State Choral Trophy. In addition to the unique coastal flair Monterey offers special participation opportunities, which focus on popular music. With this focus the “Golden State Choral Trophy” stands out from many INTERKULTUR events.

But what means popular music in detail?

The term "popular music" developed in the 19th century in the context of the music consumption that altered due to industrialization. As the name suggests, popular music was primarily designed for entertainment, relaxation and social recreation.

In the 19th century popular music included dancing music (e.g. by Johann Strauß), ballet music, saloon music, overtures and operettas. In the 20th century symphonic orchestra music and especially dance music, some styles of Jazz and Pop as well as musical belonged to the genre of popular music. Until today numerous of subtypes have developed and their lines are blurred.

What is the connection between popular music and the INTERKULTUR festival in Monterey?

The participation opportunities of the festival "Golden State Choral Trophy" are at least as varied as the musical styles belonging to the category popular music. Besides the competition categories Mixed, Female, Male and Children's Choirs as well as Folklore the participants have the opportunity to rock Monterey's stages in the categories Jazz and Pop. Here the singers will have the unique opportunity to compete either individually as vocal ensemble or as choir.

In addition to that, INTERKULTUR offers all choirs the chance, to receive valuable impulses from one of the best jazz and pop teachers. Prof. Vijay Singh is musician, composer, conductor and professor at the Central Washington University. During his workshops in Monterey he will intensively deal with choral singing in jazz and pop, with regards to repertoire, vocal techniques, rhythms and stylistic elements. After the workshop the participants will implement what they have learned during a "singing together" session.

Choirs, which want to attend the festival can benefit from the early bird discounts until April 4, 2016. All information about the festival "Golden State Choral Trophy" can be found on the event's website or at the Facebook fan page.

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